And then there was four

That's right, we are welcoming a fourth member to our family very soon!! I am beyond excited! Before you all get too excited though, it's not mine (I wish!) My dads wife Sarah is the expecting lady. We are all so happy an feeling very blessed to be adding a new little Woo to our family. We don't know what it is yet, we find out in May, and I can't wait!! I can't stand the suspense of not knowing, I want to buy things and plan things for the little one, and I'm finding it very difficult when I have no idea what it will be!? I think we're all hoping for a little girl, but I think it might be a boy. Don't ask me why but I keep referring to it as a boy, but I'm probably wrong. Either way I'm super super excited about this, and have pretty much had to stop myself blogging because I was going to blurt it out haha!!The house is just chaos at the moment. We have had a major major clean up and throw out of all the clutter and junk we've accumulated (which was a stupid amount!) and were making way for baby Woo. Dad and Sarah are in the process of getting the baby room sorted and trying to figure out everything they need, while my head is whirring with craft ideas of toys and baby blankets and cool things to make. (I'm going a little craft crazy as I also have a craft fair coming up in a few weeks to try plan for.) We had a massive throw out of things in the garage (I never new how big it was!) It was so cool to go through all the old stuff that we had forgotten about, and oddly satisfying to throw things away! I found it very therapeutic to make the decision to throw things away that I had horded for so long. Its weird how you priorities change over time and how things that once seemed important loose all meaning. I shall definitely be having a sort out of my things more often from now on.I also made lots of new spider friends in the garage. This one being the king of them all. He was a huge meaty beast and I names him Myles. He kept following me round, I think it was more that my boot was the nearest shelter after we moved the wood pile that had been his home for the past 8 years. Poor Myles, I kinda felt sorry for him (but his webs were awesome!) So yeh, Baby Woo is due some time in September and I just can't wait to say hello to the little guy or gal!
On a completely unrelated note. This happened the other day, and it is the most satisfying things in the world and probably one of my random favorite things. Breaking into a new peanut butter. So good!


a little bit of wood in a metal world

The Oast House. If you haven't been, you need to. Its awesome and I'm gutted that the nearest one to me is in Manchester. Me and Mother went there the other day after out Mother and Daughter photo shoot (post coming soon). The one in Manchester is slap bag in the middle of a brand new shopping complex called Spinningfields, which is all metal, concrete and glass. It's like someone has time traveled an old-fashioned hunting lodge right into the present day. It couldn't be more out of place if it tried, yet it oddly works. And it must have some draw and novelty too it because it was packed! It's so cool! It is a tiny place and the kitchen is outside in a little hut and its all BBQ and smoke house. They don't have plates either, everything is served in a sort of wooden box tray or they have kebabs which are served from this hanging thing with chips on the bottom. We didn't eat anything here, but next time we go I'll be sure to take some pics of the food, it all looked delicious! That light. Oh. Wow. It was amazing!! It's a rubbish picture but it was made of all kind crazy stuff! Mason jars, tin cans, rope, lanterns, bird cages. It was amazing! I would love to replicate it in my living room but I would have no idea where to start! Maybe that's a job for pinterest...'how to put light bulbs in just about anything'

Have you ever been to an Oast House? Or are there any cool/interdependent/quirky places to eat or drink round you? I'd love to hear about them, maybe I might visit one day! 

tea and other things

The other week me and Tim had a rare two days off together, and its was lovely! the weather stay nice and its was just so good to spend some time together chatting, drinking tea, eating and just general doing of things. It's days like that, that make me excited about the future and whats to come in our lives. Just happy days all round.

p.s If you haven't tried Cherry Blossom tea, I urge you to get on it. Yummiest herbal/infusion/fancy tea in the world!