Such A special love

So this is kinda a valentines day post. I don't really celebrate valentines day, all that fluffy toys holding hearts and stupid cards make me sick, I don't like how there is a 'special' day to tell someone you love them, and the whole thing just rubs me the wrong way. This year however was a little different. Me and Tim decided to hand make our presents. It was so lovely and more personal than something shop bought. Unfortunately we were both working so we couldn't do anything on the actual day anyway but we had a nice evening before and the day after. His present to me was so cool! He hand sewed a cute little fox teddy. I made him an ambrodiery of a Kobe Bryant quote.It was our first valentines day together, and I loved that there was no pressure to be all 'Valentines-y' Cant wait for next year...already got some cool hand made ideas in my head!

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