Such A special love

So this is kinda a valentines day post. I don't really celebrate valentines day, all that fluffy toys holding hearts and stupid cards make me sick, I don't like how there is a 'special' day to tell someone you love them, and the whole thing just rubs me the wrong way. This year however was a little different. Me and Tim decided to hand make our presents. It was so lovely and more personal than something shop bought. Unfortunately we were both working so we couldn't do anything on the actual day anyway but we had a nice evening before and the day after. His present to me was so cool! He hand sewed a cute little fox teddy. I made him an ambrodiery of a Kobe Bryant quote.It was our first valentines day together, and I loved that there was no pressure to be all 'Valentines-y' Cant wait for next year...already got some cool hand made ideas in my head!


2 years ago today...

...I started this little blog. How crazy is that!? That's me two years ago by the way! I cant believe its been two years...I cant get my head around it. So much has happened since I decided to start blogging and its so cool that I can look back through my posts and have most of it documented all in one place. I know that's why I've been blogging for so long, but sometimes it becomes just so normal and part of the everyday that you forget to look back and remember. Blogging has become so much more than I thought it would of, It's become just second nature to me and its helped me to be so much more. I actively take more photos now, capturing all the little things, and doing things specifically for the blog and getting up of my arse!I cant have a little blog birthday with out my super duper blog buddies!! I have met so many amazing people through blogging its unreal. Obviously I cant name everyone, so here are my very best-est blog buddies.

Lori from A Little Slice Of Special She is just awesome. My sister from another mister, and I cant wait to meet her at the end of this year! We're planning on meeting up when I head across the pond and I couldn't be more excited!! We are going to have such a blast!

Sammy from And In That Moment, I Swear We Were Infinite . She is literally my soul-friend. We have grown so close over the past few months, we'll text each other the same question at the same time, read the same books without realizing and silly crazy things like that. I love her style and we also share the same fashion love. We are also meeting up pretty soon, which is so exciting! I CANT WAIT!

Steven from Steven Andrew. Iv followed Steven the longest out of all my blogs, I can't even remember when I started to read what he has to say but I remember just thinking that here was someone who I could really connect with and understand what he was going through. I've loved following this guy for last few years!

So yey! Happy blog birthday to my lovely little blog, and may there be many more years to come!!


February goals

My goals this month are:
Sew a skirt
Sort out dates for America trip
Read two books
Learn wood burning
Cook a 3 course dinner
Have first Shop meeting

I'm really looking forward to what February has to offer and I'm so excited to have a list of goals to work towards. Too often I have so many thoughts and not enough focus, so hopefully this will really help get my thoughts into some order! Happy February everyone, What goals (if any) are you setting this month?