Walking in a winter wonderland

I really don't get to see enough of my town. I live by the sea and right next to the sea is a massive stretch of sand dunes and then a rather expansive pine wood. It is beautiful. I love to walk there, but because I don't drive yet and there is no public transport stops anywhere near it, its really hard to get to. Last week my best friend and I took her dog out for a walk there, and it was beautiful. The sand dunes were covered in snow and ice and the little marshy lakes and frozen over too. It was eerily beautiful, and we were the only ones out so it was so quiet as well.
It was so strange, because the trees are quite dense, the whole surrounding area was covered in snow, but under the tree canopy was so bare it was almost like it was spring time. I was dying to go twig collecting for a project I'm working on, but it was so cold!I'll just have to back at a later date and fill the car boot with bits of wood, I'm sure my dad will love that! 
Isn't my friends dog just the cutest darn thing you ever saw!? He is such a handsome boy and he love to flirt with you till you play ball or give him a treat, or just a good butt scratch. He makes me want my own dog, but for now I'll just have to steal him! (I just want to smoosh his fluffy face!!)

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