Loving: The new year feeling. Which is weird, because I hate New Years! I've rarely had a good one and I just get such a strange feeling around this time and I don't like it one bit! But I've almost past that first hurdle and now I'm on to loving the thought of a new beginning and new adventures! Can't wait! 

Thinking about: Everything! Like, everything... It's ridiculous. I have so many, plans, craft ideas, future ideas, work ideas, decorating ideas, career ideas floating around my skull its getting a little crowded. I really need to just go sit, have a brew and just right down everything and get some sort of order to everything.

Anticipating: My week off! I know its just been Christmas but boy do I need a week off. I feel like its been non stop and I can't wait to have a week of and just chill. Me and Tim are planning a little trip away somewhere, maybe to London, it's gonna be so good! One week to go!

Listening to: My christmas CD's! I got rather a few haha. The Staves, Ellie Goulding, Of Monsters And Men, Bon Iver, Emeli Sande and Fun. I've got a lot of I-Pod time coming up :)

Eating: Chocolate, so much chocolate. It's at home, it's at work, its next to my bed. I suppose my healthy eating plan hasn't got off to a good start, but what can I say, I like to eat chocolate and i'm not gonna waste it :P

Wishing: And hoping that the new Guinea Pig fits in and feels right at home with the other two piggies! We get her for a trial few days tomorrow and I cant wait to meet her and introduce her too Bettie and Roo!


  1. I just saw your sponsor add on the blog My Dodo Diary and swung over hear because your blog name got my attention. I don't know which you had me at, books, art or sci-fi because I love them ALL. I just loooooove your header picture. I just want to hug everything in it. I'm a big geek as well and a huge lover of sci-fi. I just picked up fictional writing and I'm always drawn to sci-fi. I have quite a few DIYs in my geek section that are Star Wars stuff. :) But I digress, just got a bit excited with that top photo. Oh and I love this shot with the guinea pigs ears and Batman pillow in the background!!

    I love Ellie Goulding- she's become one of my new favorite artists! Cheers to ya and I'm off to peruse the rest of your blog.

    All the best,

    1. Woops! Forgot to edit and now that word is bugging me, meant to say "here". :)

      All the best!


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