13 things for 2013

Well hello 2012, where did you come from? I hope you all had a lovely new year and Christmas. I haven't posted for a while because Christmas was work and family with not much time for computery things. But I'm back now with a new years resolution of blogging more frequently, as I do miss it rather a lot when I don't. So to start the year off right here is my 13 things for 2013! My 12 for 2012 went really well so it was only right to make one this year.

  1. Go to America - This was on my 2012 list but it was never going to happen. But it will this year! 
  2. Be more organized - I am awful! I need to buy a diary, use it and get my life in some kind of order. It really annoys me that I am so unorganized. I hate not knowing what I'm doing, or need, have, and I love writing lists so I need to do that more too!
  3. Take  more photos - I take lots of photos any way but I kinda go through patches of taking non. I really like having an I-phone for the handiness of the camera, but I want to start using my Instax, fish-eye and DSLR more and more. 
  4. Don't waste time - This is a big one. I spend so much time just sitting around doing nothing. I want to change that. Not that I always want to be doing something, but I just don't want to waste my days off or waste my time complaining about things, I just want to live in every way I can.
  5. Be more positive - This kinda ties in with number 4, I realized that I'm quite negative in certain things, and I've realized that life is too short to be negative about stupid insignificant things, so i'm not going to be anymore. 
  6. Move out - I realize that this is a bit far-fetched, but I suppose I mean get the ball rolling on moving out. I wont actually be able to move out till next year, but I can certainly plan!
  7. Grow my nails - This is a big one! I would love to have beautifully painted nails, but my little stubs look gross! So I want to have long nails for at least 6 months of the year!
  8. Make 6 quilts - I don't know if you've heard of the '12 quilts in a year' challenge, but I really want to do it, with work though its a little hard to do 12 so I've halved it so I have 2 months for each quilt instead of one!
  9. Start my shop - This is another what was on my 2012 list that didn't happen, but I'm kind of glad, because I have big plans for this year. So keep your eye out for a big announcement soon! 
  10. Be Healthy - SO WANT TO DO THIS! I need to do this! I want to feel better in myself and my body and I love to cook, so why not do it healthily!
  11. Save money - I need to do this for number 1!
  12. Make 6 Dress's - This is an ongoing one, I say it every year...maybe this year it will happen?!
  13. Learn a new thing every month - I suppose this is mostly to improve my crafting abilities but also to keep me on my toes through out the year! 
I also want to do monthly targets but I might leave it for January seen as I've got this :P Do you have a 13 Things For 2013? Leave a link below, I'd love to see what you want to achieve in the new year!!

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