My day in cups of tea: october 12

I saw this in The Simple Things and thought I'd be naughty and steal it. It's such a good idea, especially for someone who drinks as much tea as I do. I love the feature in the magazine, its so cool to see different peoples tea drinking habit's and to see the different places and what they can see from where they sit. So I'm going to do this once a month, Sort of like a phot-an-hour post but with tea :D

//9am: A brew with breakfast and some work related reading//

//11am: Arrive at mum's ready to start the photo shoot//

//2pm: Mid shoot break, park coffee shop tea and a little treat//

//3pm: Arrive home from the park, cuppa tea before I head into town to meet Tim//

//10pm: Late night date tea. Perfect end to a perfect day


  1. Yep, totally pinching this idea as well! :)

    Alli xx

  2. That's a lot of tea, but I love the idea! :)

    xo, samantha


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