A Walk To Remember

It's seems like forever since I was on my laptop never mind my blog! Ever since I got my new phone I have been using that for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram even the blogger app is pretty okay for just writing the posts initially! So to leave the technology (apart from my trusty camera) in my back pocket for a few hours was very much needed. Me and my friend went for lunch at a really cute little farm cafe. It was so lovely and rustic and the food was fantastic. I bought some fresh-that-morning farm eggs and I can't wait to use them to make my breakfast tomorrow and also make a yummy cake. Fresh farm eggs make cake taste amazing! I really wish I could buy fresh produce on a regular basis, I've been reading a new magazine called The Simple Things (more on that later) which has amazing ideas on how to cook and grow your own produce. But I digress. The walk we went on after our little lunch was such a lovely little gaunt through the farm fields. I must admit we got a little lost because the map we were given was hand drawn and non too accurate! But we got there in the end. It took us on a little tour through the fields and it followed a little brook for a little way, past a little lake, over the train tracks and to say hello to see some of the friendliest sheep I've ever meet. The trail was buzzing with wildlife nipping through the bushes and flowers. I've never seen so many butterflies in one place! You had to really watch your step, and so many dragon flies. I've only seen one or two in my life, so it was great to watch them. I saw this huge red one, but I didn't manage to get a picture. Oh well. I love finding new places to wonder near by to where I live. I think this little walk will be a go too place when I just want an hour or two in the quiet wilderness. Or at least fora good cuppa on a chilly autumn day.


  1. I miss having somewhere pretty and rural like that to wander around! I used to live right by a forest which was magical, but nowadays all I'm dear are roads and farming fields. At least I got my dose of pretty through this post! <3

    Alli xx

    1. Aww no that sucks! I would love to live by a forest or a mountain :) Well I'm glad I could take you away, even for a little while xx


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