31 day blog challenge: day 11

List 15 Of Your Favourite Things
1. Walks in the rain
2. The smell of old books
3. Jumping on crunchy leaves
4. Horeses noses
5. The smell of burning matches6. Fully stocked super market shelves
7. Anything Star Wars
8. Being with my family
9. Wearing clothes that aren't mine
10.The smell of fresh baked bread11. Feeling like your heart will burst with happiness
12. Sleeping kitties
13. Pretty Dresses
14. The smell of rain
15. Knowing that your where you meant to be and who your meant to be with

1 comment:

  1. I am with you on almost all of these! Especially walks in the rain <3 It's my favourite time to go for a wander. Fewer people, beautiful smells, ahh, it's totally gorgeous!

    Alli xx


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