31 day blog challenge: day 10

What's Your Best Physical Feature

My best physical feature is me. My whole self. My body, my mind and my personality, it's what makes me me and you know what. I LOVE ME! I thought this would be the hardest challenge out of them all, and I've been dreading coming to it, and it was, but for the complete opposite reason to what I thought!! When I really thought about it I actually couldn't decide what was my best feature! I may get annoyed at my different body parts at times but over all I love my body! I literally went through all my different features and was like, well I like my eyes, but I like my nose too, I like my hands and feet but I love my back, my legs are okay too and I really like my wrists, so I just thought, what the hell, lets celebrate all of me! Not in a big headed way but the internet and media is so full of images and things that tell us that we have to look a certain way and be a certain weight and  I HATE it! I want to spread possitivity and let people know that you can love your body no matter what size you are and be happy with yourself. So I'm going to share some facts about my body and why I love it exactly the way it is.

My body is hour glass shaped. I have size 30FF boobs, 8-10 waist and 12-14 hips and rather wide shoulders. I'm 5ft1, short legs, size 4 feet and baby hands. I have a double chin, square face, 'horse' teeth and a bigger belly than I'd like to admit. Now I know that I am the 'average' size of most women, but I have found that no matter what size you are, everyone can hate their body. Even the most 'perfect' person on the planet will dislike something about them, because its not what the world thinks or feels, its how you think and feel. I used to really hate how I looked. I hated my boobs, I hated my double chin, I hated my dumpy legs and I really really hated my horse teeth. But then I realized that I was hating something that I couldn't change. I cant change my teeth. And short of having plastic surgery, I cant change my boobs. Sure I could loose a little weight and probably shift the chin and the little extra on my legs, but when I thought about it, I have naturally short legs, so they will always look kinda dumpy and out of proportion, my chin only comes out when I push my head back and I will never have the slim face because I have a square head. I was wasting so much energy and time on hating my self when it is so much easier and happier to learn to love myself instead.

I think one really important thing in learning to love yourself is learning what clothes flatter you the most. For years I would wear boys clothes to cover myself up, when in reality I was only making myself look worse. When I started to become more interested in clothes and I found the styles that suited me most, I started to like how my body looked. For me off the shoulder/wide neck tops are best and high rise skinny jeans. Off the shoulder because I can have space for my boobs but still show that I have a waist, high rise skinny to make my legs look longer and exaggerates my curves. I know clothes aren't the answer to everything (all though it would be awesome if they were!!) but for me they have helped me so much to love my body. A little exersize that I like to do when I'm feeling a little negative is this: Lets say that today I'm not loving my legs today and I think they look awful, then I would try list 3 positive things that I do like and focus on them. Maybe next time your feeling negative about your body, try list 3 things that you love about yourself, and see what you come up with. I don't really know what I'm trying to say with this post, I just wanted to spread a little body love and possitivity. I think everyone should learn to love there bodies, or at least focus on the good things more than the bad.


  1. Hi Holly, I'm one of Tim's friends and I read this blog post because he retweeted the link to it. And I'm not surprised that he did. It's well written, thoughtful and bloody brilliant! I'm a doctor and too often I see the fall out from the pressure women feel to be the the version of perfection portrayed by the media. Your words are honest and lovely and were a pleasure to read.

  2. All I can say is...

    I LOVE THIS POST (Picture I wanted to post but Google wouldn't let me... http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii160/apostlealex88/tumblr_lzoqwtWlNC1qmz6jao1_500.jpg )

    Alli xx


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