Traveling The World, One Blog At A Time

Last week I did a guest post for Laura on her blog Of Thoughts And Dreams. She had a really cool idea of traveling without really traveling. I wish I'd thought of the idea as it might of stated my longing to travel the world when I couldn't. So I was so pleased when she asked me to contribute. The idea is to get people all over the world to do a post and share something that they love about their hometown or somewhere that they have been. So go have a look and see the world!

Today I'm on a training day for Starbucks and then I have 3 days off!! Can't wait to just chill out and catch up on some crafting with my time off! Have a happy Tuesday! Love ya'll!

(sorry that you've already seen pretty much all the photo's, or will see them again soon on this blog, but still go take a look !)

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