Loving: My job. I know I've been going on about it for the last few posts but I really am having a great time.  I'm super stoked to be full time now and can't wait till the money is looking pretty in my America savings (and also my tattoo fund!) The other day I was feeling a bit ill and I was dreading going to work but the girls were great and let me so the 'easy' stuff all day. Were like a big family and its such a nice feeling. I even got a txt of the manager saying how great I did in spite of feeling a little under the weather!! It's not often that you have such a great support system at work (not by my experience anyway)

Thinking about: Tattoo's! My boss it tattoo mad like me and all we talk about is tattoo's haha. I told her about my plans for my calve's and she recommended her tattooist so I went in and had a chat. Oh. My. Goodness. WOW. The guys at Ink Karma are brilliant. I've decided to aim for January, so I need to start saving and make an appointment. But I'm so excited!! Also I get my already planned tattoo on the 21st October!

Anticipating: Going full time at work. I start next week, and I'l be doing 32 hours a week. It's double what I'm contracted for and about 5-6 hours more than I'm actually doing (on average) I'm kinda a bit bummed about it just because I wont have as much free time to see friends and family and do my craft things, but I'm gonna get lots of monies and people work full time and still manage to have a life so I think I'll be alright :)

Listening to: Passenger. I've recently stumbled across this guy and he is great. I love his style and I could listen to his voice for ever. He's a singer/song writer and I'm currently listening to the album 'Flight Of The Crow' which is like a collobration album with lots of different bands. Its really grea and if you into that sort of singer/song writer folky stuff you should definitely check him out!

Eating: Pizza! And I do realize that the last time I wrote one of these I wrote pizza, but as I'm writing this I've not eaten for 24 hours so I think pizza is allowed! I'm starving and can't wait to tuck into this yummy doughy disc of ham and pineapple goodness.

Wishing: That Autumn would hurry up and get here. I love the Fall and everything that comes with it. cold nights, Hot Chocolate, milk and cookies, woolly hats, duffle coats, orange leaves, conkers and warms nights by the fire.

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