Brand New I Phone!!

I finally got my I Phone!! I've been waiting for so long to get one and my contract finally ended the other day so I got one as soon as I could. I've been uploading all the apps that I've been wanting to get an decided to give the Blogger app a try. Id tried it on my HTC but the phone was so useless that I just deleted it straight away. So this post is from my I Phone just to see what its like and whether it works well enough to use properly. Let me tell you it would make everything a heck of a lot easier for when I'm on the go or can't get to my laptop!!

Today was stupidly hectic in work! It's the annual air show in my town (which I love to go to but couldn't go this year) and it gets so busy it's unreal. There was hardly a time to breath and now I'm loosing my voice from being on the till all day!!

*So it turns out that I can't post picks on here so if I post using this app it'll be for txt posts only unless any of you know a way to work the blogger app properly*


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