31 day blog challenge: day 7

Your Pet Hates
Ooooh I have so many, and before anyone says anything, I know the thing's you hate in others you do yourself, and I am fully aware that I do many of these things and in doing so get extremely annoyed at myself. But the first pet hate that really annoys me, I actually don't do, which is ask questions during films/TV shows...especially when your watching it for the first time.It actually makes me laugh at how angry I can get  when people do this. Usually if people talk or ask me question in a film I ignore them, as bad as that might seem, the alternative would be even worse haha! I don't mean like idle chit chat, that's fine, but if I'm watching a film or TV show that I haven't seen before and someone is talking over the T.V like 'oh don't go in that room' or 'That makes no sense because blah blah blah' or 'why did he do that?' or 'who's that man?' that's what gets me, because 9 out of 10, your question will be answered at some point in the show/movie, and I HAVEN'T SEEN IT BEFORE EITHER!!! But what really really gets me is when some one asks a question and while there asking the question the question is answered within the program and they miss it and then say...'oh what did they just say?' I'm actaully getting mad just thinking about it haha! So much so that I've taken to not really watching things when others are around, I'll either be on the laptop or crafting, so my full attention isn't on the program and I can kind of gloss over the talking, or only watching things with people I know wont talk. So let that be a warning to all you TV talkers, don't watch movies with me!

My second one is also movie related (I really like watching movies haha) and its when you go round to someones house or they come round to yours, you decided to watch a film and your half way through and a really funny bit comes on and you laugh and look over to see if they found it funny and, oh look who's asleep :/ Now I know that I do this sometimes, and I get so annoyed when I fall asleep in a film, so I'm sorta ranting at myself as well. But I just think, I've come to spend time with that person and watch a film together and they fall asleep! I'm looking at you Mother! If I feel myself falling asleep I have to force myself to stay awake because I will not miss the film!!

I have lots of little pet hates about how people are when you talk to them, especially at work, some people are just so rude! But I don't really want to get into that because I will literally go on and on haha! So this day has been really fun to do and I know I have more pet hates than this, but these were just two fun ones that came to mind first. I'm sure If I really though about it I could compile a rather large list, but wheres the fun in that!? I want to concentrate on good things not bad things! Today I have a really bizarre 3 hour (7-10) shift, so when that's done my day is to do as I please. Hope fully the weather will be nice and I can get out the house/work for a few hours and get something productive done! Have a happy Friday everyone! Love ya'll!

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