31 day blog challenge: day 6

Your 5 senses right now
So I didn't get this at all at first, but i'm guessing that it means sight, smell, taste, touch and sound? Well that's what I'm going with on this one so sorry if its wrong and i'm being a complete idiot. So my 5 (hopefully right) Senses are...

Sight: The Hunger Games Special Features! Tim bought it for me as a surprise gift the other day, the 3disc DVD, not just the special features. I'm waiting to watch the film with him though, as that is only the polite thing to do, so for now I'm just watching the 'filming of'. If any of you live in Ashville, NC, and want to put me up for a few days next year when I do my America tour, I'd be most great full. THG was filmed there and it just looks so beautiful that I want to go and run through the forest that they filmed it in, but not be chased by Tracker Jackers and Mutts!!

Smell: My perfume. And a little dampness. I put entirely too much perfume on before and its stinging the nostrils. Luckily I really like my perfume (obviously other wise I wouldn't of bought it, what a stupid thing to say!) it's Princess by Vera Wang. The dampness I can smell is my walls. Sad face. I made such a fuss about moving downstairs into the second living room so I would have more space, I completely forgot about the damp walls and now I'm stuck in a damp room with everything slowly getting damp or moldy. Not good. I've already had to thow some of my favourite T-shits out :( I need to sort something out soon...maybe now is a good time to start looking for my own place...

Taste: Pizzzzaaaaaa! I love pizza! Nom nom nom!

Touch: Well...my laptop keys I suppose...So tempted to put something rude, but I shall refrain! I think its so funny how I can type now without even looking at the key's. Is that bad? It certainly means that I spend far too much time on the laptop! I can practically tyop with me eyes closed (I closed my eyes then and only miss spelled one word! That's better that when my eyes are open!) Can you do that? Do you know your computer so well you don't even need to look anymore?

Sound: The tick tick of the clock. It's a batman clock. And it is very cool. If it wasn't I don't think I would of standed having it ticking away like it does. You see, it doesn't tick in a steady rhythm, its gets louder and quieter and sometimes it stops all together. It doesn't even have the correct time, it just looks cool and acts like a night light because it glows in the dark. Pathetic I know.

So there are my 5 senses as of 00:17 06/09/2012. Tomorrow I'll be crafting some inventory for a fair that I have coming up :) It's the first one that I've done so I'm a teeny bit excited about making stuff...I might go a tad over board but I don't mind. Have fabulous Thursdays, Love ya'll!!

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