Blog Challenge Break.

So I'm taking a little break from my 31 Day Blog Challenge (You can see the ones so far here) partly because I start my full time job tomorrow but mainly because my photographer (my mother) is going away next week...WITHOUT ME! I would of carried on without her but the next one is Your Best Physical Feature and I need my mummy's help with the photography! So a little break will be had from that particular feature but normal blogging will still resume. I'd like to take this time to ask you guys what you would like to see more of or any new things or questions you want asking...just anything really, seen as you guys are the people who read this blog, its only polite to ask! Also, I think I need some new blogs to read, so if you have a blog, leave a comment with your name and a little bit about your blog and I'll be sure to come and have a look. (I got this idea from The Militant Baker

Today has been a lovely relaxing day, I haven't left the house and have stayed in my pj's all day! I watched the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix and did a lot of complaining about the drivers, I crafted and sewed and drank lots of tea. All in all a perfectly lovely and normal Sunday :) What about you? Did you have a lovely Sunday?


Lately I've Been...

...Buying awesome dinosaur material!

...Loving my new I-Phone and my awesome foxy case!

...Trying on clothes that make me look like a railway child (this dress will be mine!)

...Baking banana nut loaf without the nuts...someone forgot to buy nuts!

...crafting things for the craft fair in a few weeks. Almost finished the foxes and have started the badgers.

...Looking longingly at my winter clothes. I can't wait for autumn!

...Just being a general nerd!

...Annoying the cat by taking lots of pictures...I've been getting evil kitty stares.

...Going on mini breaks away with my best friend and having the best time ever!

...Getting out the woolly blankets and watching night time telly in the colder weather.


31 day blog challenge: day 9

What Are Your Worst Habits 
I think my worst habit is that I bite my nails. I would love to grown my nails nice and long, and I have done a few times, but once one of them brakes or I catch one of them I can't resist biting the rest. I love how my hands and fingers look when I have lovely long nails and I love to paint them all lovely colours, but Its just never lasts very long and its so annoying. It's always the same too. I let them grow and I think 'right! I'm not going to bit them ever again' and then about 2-3 months down the line there all gone again :( I definitely have nail envy of a few bloggers one being The Dainty Squid and her weekly nail feature. Although when I did have nails and tried to do some fancy nail art I botched it up big time, so I think I'll just have to stick with the plain old one colour  nails. Here are some of my favorite nails of her's (all can be found on the site above) 


31 day blog challenge: day 8

What's In Your Handbag
I am known for the collection of massive bags that I have. I just don't see the point in having a tiny bag that fits nothing in it?! Maybe because I carry the whole house, including the kitchen sink around with me, but I like to be prepared. This is actaully quite tame to what is usually in my bag because I've been working a lot so haven't needed my usual kit. But here is a little run down of what's in it at the moment:
  1. The latest Essentials X-Men comic. I read about 6 comics over all so I'm pretty much never without the latest issue. They recently canceled my Star Wars Galaxy's comic which I'm totally bummed about, but I just recently started a Batman: Dark Night comic from issue one which I'm excited about, so I suppose its okay. 
  2. My purse. I have quite a few purses and like to circulate them, but I've been stuck on this Cath Kidson one for a while now. I love that its small and compact but it fits a hell of a lot of stuff in, and it has a cool little pocket on the front with a clear plastic so I can have my I.D with out rooting around inside for it. The only problem its so small in my huge bags that it gets lost...maybe another Cath Kidson, but bigger, would work...
  3. A book, I am never without a book. I have a travel/bag book which is separate to my normal books. It's usually one that I've read before, or I know isn't my usual choice but wanted to read it anyway, just because I know that if I get really into it I'll never do anything I want to do and I'll spend my whole sitting in coffee shops a reading.
  4. Earphones. Well....to listen to music. Obviously.
  5. A sonic screw driver. Yes...I'm the Doctor.
  6. My trust I-Pod! Boris is so battered I could really do with retiring him, but he's a trooper and keeps on going.
  7. A nail file, in the vain attempt at letting my nails grow this was a life saver. I hang on to it in hopes that one day I'll have lovely long nails again!
  8. A black Bic. It has to be black and it has to be Bic. This is my most favoritest pen ever and if anyone ever was stuck on what to get me as a present...a big box of Bic's would do nicely. Seriously. I'm not even kidding. 
  9. Eye liner, for when I need a little sumthin sumthin for the eyes
  10. Lip gloss, for when I need a little sumthin sumthin for the lips.
  11. My diary! I'm a little hit and miss as to whether I use my diary but I'm in a hit stage, so I'm constantly looking at it. It's really cool because on one side of the page is the days and then the other side has a 'notes' area, so I use the 'notes' bit for my blog calender. Saves me buying a second diary!
  12. Vaseline, its so warm in work that I get really dry lips (note to self, buy hand cream)
  13. Pain killers, an essential! I suffer from migraines so these are literally a life saver in some situations. 
  14. Batteries. Yes I have one of those stupid digi cameras that uses batteries. It's great because if that battery runs out you can just go get some more but it also costs a bomb
  15. Glasses. 
  16. Foundation, for when I need a little....you get the idea
I seem to have forgotten to number the camera but I'm gonna go ahead and guess that by looking at it you guessed I carry a camera round with me. I usually carry a sketch book, note pad, sewing kit, deodorant and a million recites around too. Also on some days you will find and extra pair of shoes and a apron (on work days)  And also not shown is my phone, I used it to take the photo. 

So yeh. That's whats in my bag :) I really wish I was using my Star Wars bag this month but I'm not...so maybe I'll do another one next month and I can show it you then! 


Autumn Dresses

I was trying to do a little September wish list of things I'm loving this month but the first website I went on was Ruche and that was that. I think I pretty much loved every dress that was on there so here is a little list of my favourite dresses at Ruche at the moment. I might try at another Wishlist next month and see if I get a little further than this time. 
My favorite colour has always been yellow/mustard and I love the autumn time when this color is everywhere. I love how it goes with burnt orange/brown and burgundy. The colors of fall :) I absolutely adore these fall colored dresses, and I would love them all in my wardrobe. Some of them are really expensive so that might be highly unlikely but maybe few of them will sneakily find their way :P I think I especially love the second one, fourth one and the last one. And also the third one, but I think Katie styles it better than I ever could. How cute does she look!?

Today is my last day of work before a little break. I'm looking forward to having a few days off to craft and spend some quality time with some dear friends. I hope you all have a happy Monday and and a great start to the week, love ya'll!



Loving: My job. I know I've been going on about it for the last few posts but I really am having a great time.  I'm super stoked to be full time now and can't wait till the money is looking pretty in my America savings (and also my tattoo fund!) The other day I was feeling a bit ill and I was dreading going to work but the girls were great and let me so the 'easy' stuff all day. Were like a big family and its such a nice feeling. I even got a txt of the manager saying how great I did in spite of feeling a little under the weather!! It's not often that you have such a great support system at work (not by my experience anyway)

Thinking about: Tattoo's! My boss it tattoo mad like me and all we talk about is tattoo's haha. I told her about my plans for my calve's and she recommended her tattooist so I went in and had a chat. Oh. My. Goodness. WOW. The guys at Ink Karma are brilliant. I've decided to aim for January, so I need to start saving and make an appointment. But I'm so excited!! Also I get my already planned tattoo on the 21st October!

Anticipating: Going full time at work. I start next week, and I'l be doing 32 hours a week. It's double what I'm contracted for and about 5-6 hours more than I'm actually doing (on average) I'm kinda a bit bummed about it just because I wont have as much free time to see friends and family and do my craft things, but I'm gonna get lots of monies and people work full time and still manage to have a life so I think I'll be alright :)

Listening to: Passenger. I've recently stumbled across this guy and he is great. I love his style and I could listen to his voice for ever. He's a singer/song writer and I'm currently listening to the album 'Flight Of The Crow' which is like a collobration album with lots of different bands. Its really grea and if you into that sort of singer/song writer folky stuff you should definitely check him out!

Eating: Pizza! And I do realize that the last time I wrote one of these I wrote pizza, but as I'm writing this I've not eaten for 24 hours so I think pizza is allowed! I'm starving and can't wait to tuck into this yummy doughy disc of ham and pineapple goodness.

Wishing: That Autumn would hurry up and get here. I love the Fall and everything that comes with it. cold nights, Hot Chocolate, milk and cookies, woolly hats, duffle coats, orange leaves, conkers and warms nights by the fire.


Mother Daughter Date

At the beginning of this week mum and I went to Liverpool for a little mother daughter date. It was really lovely to just hang out and spend some quality time together. Ever since I started my job I've been spending less and less 'real' time with my family and it sucks. I miss them loads and I miss having spare time to just meet up when ever we feel like it. We started of in Starbucks (shamelessly taking advantage of my partner discount) I introduced mum to the wonders of whipped cream on a latte. If you haven't already, try it!Of course no mother daughter date of ours would be complete without trying on clothes. I really liked this blue floral 50's dress from Dorothy Perkins. I didn't buy it though, there was something about it that was making me hold back, I might still get it though. We shall see. It did look great and fit snug as a bug. This little boutique was awesome! It was organized in colours and had some pretty cool vintage pieces. I wanted to look around some more but mums not really into vintage so I might have to go back and browse myself.This dress is awesome! It will be mine, because basically it was made for me. It is just lovely, the fit is amazing, the colour and the material is beautiful. I would of got it this dat but mum didn't have her student card on her and I got to get me some discount!! Also this is Poppy (my I-Phone's name) new fox coat. Isn't it so cute!? I cant stop showing everyone and showing it off haha!We went for dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I love it there and I had the most amazing burger ever. It was just so yummy! We also had Oreo milkshake which I could feel the fat setting on my hips but it was so worth it. It. Was. Huge.It was a great day and I hope that it isn't too long till the next one!! I need to go back and get my dress!! Hope you all have a great weekend and have lots of fun :) I'm working all weekend which kinda sucks but I'm just thinking of the money and all the dresses and tattoo's I can buy :) Love ya'll!


31 day blog challenge: day 7

Your Pet Hates
Ooooh I have so many, and before anyone says anything, I know the thing's you hate in others you do yourself, and I am fully aware that I do many of these things and in doing so get extremely annoyed at myself. But the first pet hate that really annoys me, I actually don't do, which is ask questions during films/TV shows...especially when your watching it for the first time.It actually makes me laugh at how angry I can get  when people do this. Usually if people talk or ask me question in a film I ignore them, as bad as that might seem, the alternative would be even worse haha! I don't mean like idle chit chat, that's fine, but if I'm watching a film or TV show that I haven't seen before and someone is talking over the T.V like 'oh don't go in that room' or 'That makes no sense because blah blah blah' or 'why did he do that?' or 'who's that man?' that's what gets me, because 9 out of 10, your question will be answered at some point in the show/movie, and I HAVEN'T SEEN IT BEFORE EITHER!!! But what really really gets me is when some one asks a question and while there asking the question the question is answered within the program and they miss it and then say...'oh what did they just say?' I'm actaully getting mad just thinking about it haha! So much so that I've taken to not really watching things when others are around, I'll either be on the laptop or crafting, so my full attention isn't on the program and I can kind of gloss over the talking, or only watching things with people I know wont talk. So let that be a warning to all you TV talkers, don't watch movies with me!

My second one is also movie related (I really like watching movies haha) and its when you go round to someones house or they come round to yours, you decided to watch a film and your half way through and a really funny bit comes on and you laugh and look over to see if they found it funny and, oh look who's asleep :/ Now I know that I do this sometimes, and I get so annoyed when I fall asleep in a film, so I'm sorta ranting at myself as well. But I just think, I've come to spend time with that person and watch a film together and they fall asleep! I'm looking at you Mother! If I feel myself falling asleep I have to force myself to stay awake because I will not miss the film!!

I have lots of little pet hates about how people are when you talk to them, especially at work, some people are just so rude! But I don't really want to get into that because I will literally go on and on haha! So this day has been really fun to do and I know I have more pet hates than this, but these were just two fun ones that came to mind first. I'm sure If I really though about it I could compile a rather large list, but wheres the fun in that!? I want to concentrate on good things not bad things! Today I have a really bizarre 3 hour (7-10) shift, so when that's done my day is to do as I please. Hope fully the weather will be nice and I can get out the house/work for a few hours and get something productive done! Have a happy Friday everyone! Love ya'll!


Cat Nap

Some times all you need is a good cat post. I wouldn't say I've been struggling for post topics of late, but I do have too many ideas I can't think straight so in a way I've had nothing to write about. Which I suppose isn't a bad thing, it just means I need to do some serious head organizing. I have has so much going on lately that I do feel like my mind is going to jelly, I really could do with sitting down and writing it all out and organizing my thoughts and my priorities. For example, I have a craft fair coming up which I haven't even started making inventory for yet I feel the need to make a wall hanging for my room which, coincidentally, has no wall space to hang it. As Ron Weasley would say 'she needs to sort out her priorities!' I have a day off tomorrow and pretty much all week off next week so I'm going to knuckle down and organize myself into some sort of order, or I might go insane. I'll be counting on you guys to check up on me and make sure I'm doing it, that cool with you?These photos were taken the other day when Flik was lounging on her bean bag. She look so relaxed and cute that I had to snap some pics. She usually runs off or give me devil eyes when I get too near with the camera but this time she actually have me a cheeky grin (look at that top image and tell me that's not a smile!) These were actually taken with my HTC phone, the last pics before I got my I Phone, which I freakin love!! It's hardly been out my hands and I swear I've taken more photos the past few days than I would do in a month. I can totally see why people take picture of their lunch now...cause I'm doing the same. Yep. That's right. I'm one of those people now.On another note. My part time job has now become a full time job! Wooooh! I absolutely love my job, its a great place to work and the people are so friendly. The customer are a hoot and even the bad ones aren't that bad. I was actually thinking of starting a little feature on the blog about some of my stories and observations from working in a coffee shop. I swear you learn so much about people just from those few minuets of serving them coffee, I've met some real characters lately and I think it would be fun to share some with you.As I said tomorrow is my day off so it's house work and organizing/sewing/crafting/brain exploding and I'm really quite looking forward to it. Going to try get up nice and early, make myself a coffee and start the day right. I hope you are all having a lovely Wednesday and may your Thursdays be filled with joy and happiness :) Love ya'll!


Brand New I Phone!!

I finally got my I Phone!! I've been waiting for so long to get one and my contract finally ended the other day so I got one as soon as I could. I've been uploading all the apps that I've been wanting to get an decided to give the Blogger app a try. Id tried it on my HTC but the phone was so useless that I just deleted it straight away. So this post is from my I Phone just to see what its like and whether it works well enough to use properly. Let me tell you it would make everything a heck of a lot easier for when I'm on the go or can't get to my laptop!!

Today was stupidly hectic in work! It's the annual air show in my town (which I love to go to but couldn't go this year) and it gets so busy it's unreal. There was hardly a time to breath and now I'm loosing my voice from being on the till all day!!

*So it turns out that I can't post picks on here so if I post using this app it'll be for txt posts only unless any of you know a way to work the blogger app properly*


Goodbye Summer

Here are some pic's from the last few weeks. I think the weather is finally turning. The days are getting darker and the wind is getting colder. Not that I'm complaining. I love autumn! It's my favourite season by far. I love walking through the park and collecting conkers and trying to find the pretties leaf. I love the way the leaves change colour and I love to watch them fall to the ground. I love imagining all the little critters getting ready for their long winter sleep, putting on their woolly socks and curling up in bed. I love wrapping up in hats and scarves, clutching cups of hot chocolate. I love the anticipation and build up to Christmas. I love wearing layers and wearing my autumn clothes. Autumn is definitely my season. I have had a fantastic summer and I'm sad to say goodbye to it, but come on Autumn! I'm ready for you!

I have had a good few days of this last week. It's been nice to just do what I like and spend some time with people who I haven't had chance to see since working. Back to the grind tomorrow though, and you know what, I'm really looking forward to it. I think it makes such an improvement on your work ethic if you love your job. Apart from the early starts sometimes, I can't wait to go to work. I love my customers and my girls at the shop are brilliant. I have such a laugh with them, they make it all worth while :) This weekend will be a busy one for us because we have the annual Southport Air Show, which means busy busy busy! I love going the air show but sadly I wont be able to go this year...it would of made a great post too! Oh well, next year!  I hope you all have a great weekend what ever your doing! Love ya'll!


31 day blog challenge: day 6

Your 5 senses right now
So I didn't get this at all at first, but i'm guessing that it means sight, smell, taste, touch and sound? Well that's what I'm going with on this one so sorry if its wrong and i'm being a complete idiot. So my 5 (hopefully right) Senses are...

Sight: The Hunger Games Special Features! Tim bought it for me as a surprise gift the other day, the 3disc DVD, not just the special features. I'm waiting to watch the film with him though, as that is only the polite thing to do, so for now I'm just watching the 'filming of'. If any of you live in Ashville, NC, and want to put me up for a few days next year when I do my America tour, I'd be most great full. THG was filmed there and it just looks so beautiful that I want to go and run through the forest that they filmed it in, but not be chased by Tracker Jackers and Mutts!!

Smell: My perfume. And a little dampness. I put entirely too much perfume on before and its stinging the nostrils. Luckily I really like my perfume (obviously other wise I wouldn't of bought it, what a stupid thing to say!) it's Princess by Vera Wang. The dampness I can smell is my walls. Sad face. I made such a fuss about moving downstairs into the second living room so I would have more space, I completely forgot about the damp walls and now I'm stuck in a damp room with everything slowly getting damp or moldy. Not good. I've already had to thow some of my favourite T-shits out :( I need to sort something out soon...maybe now is a good time to start looking for my own place...

Taste: Pizzzzaaaaaa! I love pizza! Nom nom nom!

Touch: Well...my laptop keys I suppose...So tempted to put something rude, but I shall refrain! I think its so funny how I can type now without even looking at the key's. Is that bad? It certainly means that I spend far too much time on the laptop! I can practically tyop with me eyes closed (I closed my eyes then and only miss spelled one word! That's better that when my eyes are open!) Can you do that? Do you know your computer so well you don't even need to look anymore?

Sound: The tick tick of the clock. It's a batman clock. And it is very cool. If it wasn't I don't think I would of standed having it ticking away like it does. You see, it doesn't tick in a steady rhythm, its gets louder and quieter and sometimes it stops all together. It doesn't even have the correct time, it just looks cool and acts like a night light because it glows in the dark. Pathetic I know.

So there are my 5 senses as of 00:17 06/09/2012. Tomorrow I'll be crafting some inventory for a fair that I have coming up :) It's the first one that I've done so I'm a teeny bit excited about making stuff...I might go a tad over board but I don't mind. Have fabulous Thursdays, Love ya'll!!