Loving: This lovely weather. We've had so many thunder and lightning storms recently it's been crazy! We had two in one night the other day! We've also had some crazy showers and blistering sun which in turn makes amazing rainbows. It's a bit weird for the middle of August but it makes life a little interesting and I do love a good down pour!

Thinking about: When to take 2 weeks holiday. I've been told that I have two weeks holiday to take before the end of the year but only four weeks to choose from. I don't really want to take 2 weeks off as I've had so much time off after Uni anyway, but I suppose I'd better not waste them, time off is time off and I'll sure ill be able to think of something productive to do!

Anticipating: I'm interviewing a band from London for this here blog and I can't wait to share it/them with you! I adore them, there awesome and I hope you like them too. Their called Ghosts of December and you should check them out. So watch this space, Its gonna be F.A.B

Listening to: Taylor Swift. I usually don't like admitting that, but what the hey, I like country music and she's country pop and her songs make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love the way she tells a story with her songs, makes you feel more involved :)

Eating: Egg on Toast. I love egg on toast. I have no idea how to poach eggs so I have to fry them...ugh! I hate the white's on fried eggs so I usually end up just eating the yoke which has to be runny. So now you know my egg preferences, I'm sure your lives are so much better....

Wishing: That I could have my own place. I'm house sitting for pops while he's on his honeymoon and I love having the place to myself. If only I could re-decorate and style it how I want to :( One day I'll have my house but for now I have to be content with sticking to my little room. Pinterest isn't helping either, every time   I go on it I pin so much home stuff!

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