31 day blog challenge: day 3

Your Favourite Quote 
It was unbelievably hard to choose a quote for this. I love words and I have so many favourite quotes I could never choose a 'favourite' one. Whilst looking through my Funny Little Words board on pinterest (where I keep all my favourite quotes and words) nearly every one I was like 'I love that one' 'but I love that one too' 'ooh that one is really good' and It felt like which ever one I chose people would judge me on that quote and and I didn't want to be defined by it, so I suppose what I mean to say is that this isn't so much a 'favourite' quote its just one in a million and this is just one that I chose.I can't really say much, as this is pretty self explanatory and if I'm honest picking it was really stressful :S I really didn't like this day in the challenge, there were too many answers and I wanted to share them all but was determined to stick to just one. I know I'm being really stupid and this was supposed to be a bit of fun but I felt like I needed to pick something meaning full...so please check out my Funny Little Words board, and you can see what all my stress was about :D

Also This was going to be a weekly thing but I'm finding that too slow so its now going to be posted on a Tuesday and a Friday :)

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