31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2

20 Facts About You

You wouldn't think but thinking of 20 facts about yourself is surprisingly hard! But I gave it a go anyway and actaully had a lot of fun. Some are stupid, some are funny and some are down right embarrassing, but I did say I was going to be honest and push some boundaries! This is also a stupidly long post because I felt the need to explain each one...so well done if you make it to the end, you get a cookie!

Fact 1: My middle name is Rebecca. When I was born my mum wanted to call me Holly and my dad wanted to call me Rebecca, of course mum won so I'm now Holly Rebecca. I'm glad because I don't think I look like a Rebecca...I certainly don't feel like one!

Fact 2: I love tea. I'm most definitely a tea drinker. I'm pretty sure it's not healthy to drink tea in excess as it causes dehydration but I don't care. I've recently discovered the joys of Roobios Tea, especially Vanilla Roobios from Starbucks (mmmm), I love Cherry Blossom Tea but haven't been able to find it anywhere to buy :(

Fact 3: I'm an only child. I always wanted a younger brother or sister but alas, no matter how hard I begged my parents to get me one it never happened. Maybe I'll get one if Sarah has kids...here's hoping!

Fact 4: I love Marmite. And when I say love, I mean LUUUUURVE! Just a big jar of yummy-ness. Nom nom nom nom nom nom!

Fact 5: I used to bite my toenails. I know, gross right! I must of been about 5(?) and I saw my cousin doing it so I coppied, cause in my eyes he was the coolest person around and I wanted to be just like him. I remember my other cousin caught me a few weeks later and told me I was disgusting, and by this time I'd got over my 'boy cousin crush' and cared more what the girls thought and I stopped immediately. I'm ashamed of my 5 year old self.

Fact 6: I'm terrified of flying. This is a big problem for my plans to go travelling next year but I'm sure I'll think of something to calm the nerves. All I can say is I feel sorry for who ever is sat next to me as there will be a lot of hand grabbing and freaking out.

Fact 7: My favourite animal is a Narwhal. They are so cute and live in some crazy conditions. I would love to see them in the wild and one of my dreams is to go to the Hudson Bay in Canada and go Narwhal spotting.

Fact 8: When I was really young I used to fancy Simba. Yep. That's right. I has a crush on a cartoon lion. After Simba it was Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty, then it was Rich from 5ive, then Chester Bennington from Linking Park and now it's a toss between Jenson Button and Michael Shanks...I have odd taste considering half of them are cartoon/fictional

Fact 9: I'm a Christian. I don't really parade that fact on the blog because when I started the blog I was having some issues and wanted to work it all out by my self, but I think I'm ready to share now my thoughts.

Fact 10: I'm scarred of clowns. When I was but a child I was bought one of those creepy china dolls, but a clown one that sat in a hoola hoop! You can imagine my horror when my darling mother hung it from the ceiling and I had to endure months of that face staring down at me until she finally gave in to my cries and took it down (or maybe she was just fed up of me crawling into their bed every night)

Fact 11: I'm obsessive. Not often and I can go along time without being bothered by anything but when something grabs me I find it very hard to let it go. It was worse when I was young and I would watch the same films over and over for weeks and would watching nothing else. It usually happens now with music and certain songs or a certain colour, and everything I do/buy/make will be the same colour.

Fact 12: It has taken me 22 years to stop biting my nails and let them grow. Now may fingers don't look stubby and I can finally paint them cool colours. All down to my nana constantly telling me 'boys wont want to hold you hand with nails like that!'

Fact 13: I have 5 tattoo's, and have plans for many, many more!

Fact 14
: When I was younger I couldn't tell the difference between reality and make believe. I used to believe that things that happened in the telly were real and the Disney films were real. Apparently I used to have nightmares all the times about the films that I would watch. Mum said Aladdin was the worst.

Fact 15: I have always wanted dreadlocks. I have come so close to dreading my hair so many times but something has always stopped me. I think it's the fact that I love my hair and the thought of not being able to do anything I want with it makes me a little sad. Maybe one day, but for now I'm gonna keep it wild and free.

Fact 16: I write songs. No one will ever read them (apart from a select few), and they will never be preformed, it's just enough that they are there and I have that creative outlet. Also I cant sing or play an instrument so cant do anything with them anyway haha!

Fact 17: I have nightmares nearly every night. I don't know why but some of them are horrific and most nights I'm scarred to even go to sleep because of what I might see.

Fact 18: I have 2 guinea pigs called Bettie and Monkey and a cat called Flik.

Fact 19: I hate cockroaches. Nasty, vile, evil creatures that shouldn't exist and all need to die!

Fact 20: I cry at everything. Movies, songs, adverts, when other people cry, when something epic happens, when old people drop ice creams on the floor...just...everything. I'm crying right now, its just an endless river of emotion.

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