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So one last post before I head to Sliverstone, for two reasons really. Firstly I am super excited to finally say 'I have finally started planning my America trip!' Me and mother got my map out the other day and we circled all the places I want to go, searched plane routes and prices and calculated (ruffly) how much I'm going to need and blooming heck, it's expensive! But totally worth it!! I'm concentrating on the west half for this trip but the more I plan and think the more i'm slowly creeping across to the middle :S I'm so excited, when anyone asks me about it all I can say is 'yeh...America' and grin like a crazy person. So if anyone has any secret places that I should check out or any cool places that I just have to visit, please feel free to tell. The only thing I'm for sure doing is visiting my friend in Kentucky (that will be my base) everything else is a free for all!

And secondly, today I'm guest posting over at A Little Slice Of Special for Lori's Why I Blog Wednesday feature. I absolutely love Lori, she is fantastic and I'm so glad that we have become friends...She is really why I blog, for people like her that make this all worth while. And hopefully we will meet in real life next year when I tour America...that would really be the cherry on top!

Well I have to go pack!! This English weather is crazy at the moment, so if you could all spare a thought and send a little prayer up for no rain this weekend I would be very grateful! I don't mind the rain but my dad (who hates camping anyway) if it rains...I dread to think the mood that will ensue!! But here's to positive thoughts and fantastic weekend no matter the weather!!


  1. Depending on where in KY you will be staying, I might not be that far from you. I'm in Cincinnati, Ohio and would love to have a visitor!

  2. This would be totally fun! I was researching once just driving cross country without actually sight-seeing (just driving to get there) and it was like $2000 just for gas/food. I don't even think that included hotels or places to stay. I wonder if there'd be a way to make money along the way? That would be a way to make a trip like that self-sufficient instead of costing a small fortune.

    1. that would be amazing!! I think I will look into paying my way across...will have to do it on the down low though as I wont have a working Visa but I might see how much it costs to get one...in case i want to stay longer too :D


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