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So seen as I haven't posted in ages and I'm super busy with various things and wont be able to post at all from Wednesday, I thought I'd do a themed JB on the F1 which I will be attending this weekend with Stevie-pops!! I am super super SUPER stoked about this and so excited that I keep smiling randomly :D So here are a few things that are F1 related (ish)...mostly its Jenson Button who I'm kinda in love with but I'm getting over that and coming to terms with the fact that it's never gonna happen...how crazy do I sound?! I'm just kidding (i'm not! have you seen him in that suit!?!) I love everything F1 and this doesn't really show it as I haven't really planned this post so the pictures are rubbish but its fantastic. The hype, the noise, the atmosphere, its just immense! I cant wait to get back and show you all the pictures I take of the track...I'll try get pictures of the cars but I can guarantee I wont get one as they'll be moving too fast!

So unless I suddenly get the urge or time to post before Wednesday night I'll see ya next week!! Have a great weekend, I know I will!! Camping, watching racing cars, stalking the drivers and eating burger van food. This weekend will be epic!

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