I'm still here!! I realize I've not posted for over two weeks! I can't say I'm sorry though :P I've missed you all and hope your all well, but I've been having a blast and living life instead of writing about it. I've got so much to share and catch you all up on but I'm going to save that for another post (or 6!) I can't believe how much has happened in the last two weeks its unreal! But for now here is a Currently post and I'll be back soon with a life update :)

Loving: This sunny weather! Got myself a lovely sun tan the other day whilst sitting in the garden playing with my mum's new I-Pad and having  BBQ :) It's supposed to me nice and summery for at least this week so I better make the most as it as it's the end of July and this is the only sun we've seen!

Thinking about: Futures and decisions that I have to make. I'll talk more about this in a later post as I've got some major decisions to make in the next few months and I might need all your help and advice! But I'm excited about them, if a little scared!

Anticipating: My dad and Sarah's wedding on Friday! I've been baking non stop today and make 150 cupcakes and I'm still not finished! My back is about the break from bending over the counter all day and I've not sat down for 7 hours and I'll be doing it all again the next 2 days D:

Listening to: My I-Pod on shuffle! When I bake I put my Pod on shuffle because I can't skip and change with cake-ey hands so I can listen to forgotten songs or songs I would usually skip. It's great fun and a bit cringe worthy haha. Especially if I have guests over at the same time!

Eating: Cake...Lots and lots of cake. I'm baking and you have to test for poison...obviously!!

Wishing: That things would go the way I picture them going in my head....So far so good ;P

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  1. I love putting my iPod on shuffle! I always end up finding songs that I forgot I had! ;)


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