That Weirdo With Feather's In Her Hair

I'm obsessed with maxi dresses. I only have two and it's taking all my will power not to buy everyone I see in the shops. I'm only just loving the Bo Ho look, but already my wardrobe is turning into a hippie one. This dress was actually kind of a mistake. My nan had bought me a cardigan for my birthday but it didn't fit right so we took it back to change it, but whilst walking through I spotted this out the corner of my eye. It was the last one left and it was in my size and in the sale! Wooop! I wore it to my Degree Show and made it a bit more dressy, so that a bonus, casual and formal in one :) The top I bought a few months ago to go over dresses to mix them up a bit but I've hardly worn it :S I hate not wearing clothes I've bought but its been either boiling hot or freezing cold. Yesterday was in between so I finally got to wear it. I was really nervous about wearing flats with this dress. I wore it with heals for my Show but I'm so short I thought I'd be tripping up over the hem (does anyone else have that problem?) Luckily the only problem I had was with the stairs! So this outfit is definitely a keeper and probably one you'll find me in rather alot as the weather gets a little warmer.

This week I'm staying at a friends while her parents are away. Lots of movies, baking and I'm also helping her setup a cake decorating blog for her new biz! So expect a lot of plugging from me for her fantastic cakes and I'll be making sure you all order a cake for any occasions you might have :P

Top-Quiz//Dress-Marks and Spencers//Belt-Thrifted//Shoes-BlowFish


  1. Ohhh I love maxi dresses! I'm so jealous of anyone who can wear them, I'm too short, and too lazy to run them under a sewing machine to shorten them, but they look so effortless and comfortable!

  2. No weirdo...beautiful. Love the last pic especially!

  3. You look stunning! I love the the lace blouse over the maxi, i also just love lace, one of my favorite fashion pairings and it looks great with and without the belt. I am a shorty too and pretty much have to wear wedges with all my long dresses or take them up, I have face planted a few times!



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