Reading List: Vol2

Woops! I'm a little late on this feature, and I will be honest I did forget about it! I finished all the books in my last post and have also read City of Lost Souls and Fifty Shades of Grey :) (I'll review them at some point soon) So at the moment I'm a little stuck for books, I cant afford to buy new ones so I'm searching the shelves for forgotten titles that I haven't read yet. So this might change but my reading list at the moment is...

Like Bees To Honey: I'm half way through this book and I remember why I didn't carry on with it when I bought it about 2 years ago. It's not bad its just hard to read. The lady who's point of view it is written from is from Malta so I presume you're supposed to read it like a Maltese person would speak English, with an accent. Which is fine, I have no problem with that, It's just I don't know what the accent sound like normally so it sounds weird and disjointed in my head. Not to mention the book is all about her getting over her dead son and conversing with Jesus and the spirits of the dead. I have no education on the Maltese way of life or religion or anything really, so maybe I should do a little research to better understand the story and point of view. I do have to say though, it;s getting easier to read as I go on so maybe its just my naivety on the subject that is holding me back.

The Sweet Far Thing: I started this trilogy about 5 years ago and this is the last book. The books mark has stayed exactly were it is, half way through, for about 2 1/2 years. This book is so boring!! It's been three books and nothing has happened! It's a pity because when I started it I thought it was great, but I was a teenager and it is a teenage book, so maybe I've grown up too much to find it interesting anymore. It's set in the Victorian era in a school for wealthy girls but magic surrounds the place and in particular the main girl, who's name escapes me. Basically she is trying to make heads or tails of the whole situation she finds her self in. These book's does have rare moments of beauty and equally scary bits, and as a whole its an intriguing story, but I just want to be done with them and move on. It's about time!

Blackvail: The last in the Green Rider Series, which is amazing and you have to read it!! I haven't actually bought this book yet but I know I'm going to read it so its on the list! I actually don't want to red it because I don't want this series to end, Its brilliant and I have come to love the characters so much, but I have to know what happens! Will she? Wont she? Will he come back? Will there be War? Who is going to die? (because this author is one of those who has no mercy and will kill your favorite character at a drop of a hat!) It's so exciting I might actually have to go to the book store right now to buy it..... 

What books are you reading this month? Do you get as emotionally attached to books as I do?

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