So number 20 on my 22 before 23 is 'Write and illustrate a children's book.' The other day I was wondering what subject I could write about as I've never wrote a book or anything like that at all. I wanted something that I know but something that would be cute/funny/unique. Then this little fella came and said hello. You all know Mittens as he is a frequent face on this here blog. He's not exactly our cat but rather he belongs to the hole street and this is what interests me about him. I think I could get a good story out of him. Also he like to make his face known pretty much everyday so there will be no trouble studying and making quick sketches :) His personality is something that I will enjoy trying to capture too, so yeh, this little guy is gonna be the subject of my children's book :) When I made the list I thought that this would be one of the things that  would be the last to get done or not get done at all, so i'm pretty baffled and really excited that I've got the ball rolling already!

Today is jubilee day so I'll be out at the street party having a ball, weather permitting anyway! Have a happy Jubilee weekend, eat lots of cake and and drink lots of tea and pray for sunny weather :)


  1. Awe I love the subject! I'd love to read it he sounds awesome.

    1. he is super sweet and so cheeky haha!


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