Making Lists

I've never been one to make lists of things but lately I've found that I have needed to make them of things that I need to do in the day just to order my thoughts. Also since I made my 22 Before 23 I have wanted to make lists of everything! I got a Moleskin notebook for my birthday that has a Star Wars design, and I've been struggling to find something to use it for. I have a habit of wasting nice notebooks so I was determined not to do that this time. So I've decided to use it as a list's book!! I want to write a bucket list, and i'll put my 22 before 23 list in it, and I'll make loads of others!! I'm quite excited to start and keep thinking up mini lists in my head.

This weekend is the Jubilee weekend to celebrate the Queens 60th Jubilee. Were having a street party down my little street and everyone is getting really excited and there's lots of planning gone into it. Where decorating the street with bunting, Union Jacks, bouncy castle, party games, lots of cake, face painting (done by me) and Jubilee inspired crafts. I'm really excited and I cant wait to take some pics of the event. I love that even in this age, when people are less sociable and neighborly, we can still come together for a good old fashioned street party. Do you have any plans for the Jubilee bank holiday? Are you going to a street party?

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  1. Looks good, Lucas. Just make sure that the link to your other art blog opens in a new window, not the same one. Otherwise, it's difficult to get back to.
    face painting


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