Lately I've Been...

...Reading lots and lots of books

...Fawning over pastel coloured kitchen ware...WANT! 

...Buying quite a few more comics then usual.

...Wearing maxi dresses and feeling great!

...Watching Rhod Gilbert live...hilarious!

...Sitting in the garden with mum and watching the cat play in the sun.

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  1. Cute kitchenware! And now you're making me curious what you're reading. :)

    1. I'm reading Blackveil by Kristen Britain. Its amazing! Fourth and last in the Green Rider Series and If you love fantasy books, its a must! If not...give it a go anyway :P Also reading Like Bees To Honey, The Sweet Far Thing and Twilight (just for when I get bored and need something nonsensical and easy)

  2. That is a very cute kitty! :)

    I've nominated you for a little award, take a look on my site if you're interested.

    Amy :) xx


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