Walking In The Meadow

The other day me and mum went to the park to take some outfit posts. We thought we'd take a few different outfits in one because the weather was gorgeous and you never know when the next batch of sun will come in our little rainy town. It had just rained and the wet and the sun made everything an amazing color green, it was beautiful! This is the other Maxi dress that I own. It's a little long so I have to wear heals with it but I love the pattern! It's so colorful and flowery, I feel like a real hippy in it. The t-shirt is one of my favorite's I think I've ever bought! It's a Unicorn for peet's sake, how can it not be!

This is one of my favorite parks in my town and I hardly ever go there! It's got a massive part which is just grass with paths where concerts/garden shows/ect are placed (it's huge) and then some tennis courts, boules fields and this really pretty paved part through the tree's AND a football field AND a remote control car race track AND a play ground. It really does have everything! Some of the tree's are beautiful and narly, I loved poking around in the grass and seeing what I could find. There were some cool little mushrooms and lovely wild flowers :) I felt like a nymph walking through a meadow.

Mum took these photo's for me and I love how they turned out. The night before I was showing her all the blogs that I love that have lovely photos and showing her how I wanted mine done. She's getting better every time and I love that she takes the time out to do it for me. And its a bonus that we get to spend all the sunny days together outside having fun :) I'll be back later on this week with the other outfit that we snapped whilst at the same park! This week is super busy with knitting group, job hunting, major gardening, moving back home permanently and room sorting out. It's going to be a very physical and tiring week but I am looking forward to it! I like the structure and having goals to work towards. Here's to hoping I get them all done...

T-Shirt-New Look//Dress-T.J Hughes//Hair Clip-New Look//Boots-Blowfish



Loving: That I finally can say that I have finished University with a degree!! 2:2 baby! Bo Yaaah!! I am super  proud of my self seen as after the first year I was ready to quit! It's been a mixed bag really. I'm still not sure Uni was the right decision for me but I had fun and I sort of know what I want to do with my life, I don't think that would of happened otherwise, or it would of taken a lot longer to get there. One things for sure I would never push University on anyone. Yes it's great but you should never do something because you think you have to, I think I went into it with the wring frame of mind so I resented and challenged it the whole way. It was fun though, and I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.

Thinking about: How best to re-organize my room. I broke my sofa bed :/ So it's being moved upstairs and I'm going to use the sofa as a bed instead. Basically I have a sofa bed as my bed and a sofa to use as a sofa...so going to get rid of the sofa bed and using the sofa sofa instead....SOFA! SOFA! SOFA! (how many times can I use that word on one sentence jeez!) anyway! It's screwed up the whole layout of my room so I need to re-organize. Few! That was hard work!

Anticipating: The British Formula 1 Grand Prix NEXT WEEK!! I am so excited about that I can't even talk about it. I just babble and squee loudly in people faces. SQUUUEEEEEEEEE!

Listening to: Everything! Someday's just call for hair in a bun, sweat pants, I Pod on shuffle and good room tidy/clear out. I love my I Pod on shuffle. I don't think I've taken anything off it since year 8 so it's full of old classics and some really embarrassing stuff causing me to question my sanity back in my teen's!

Eating: Sausage dinner with curry sauce from the Chippy. Mmmmm. I've eaten really healthy this last week or so, so I though I'd treat my self and It. was. so. yummy.

Wishing: That my feelings didn't get hurt as easily. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive and just need to harden up a little, but I seem to get upset about the littlest things. I think, no I know, I'm an over thinker and I get easily attached to people/things. So when they go away or break or whatever I feel really sad. It's nice because I can find meaning's in the smallest of things but it'a a reet pain the buttocks when its a person and I think its more than it is and over think every little detail of everything and all of a sudden in my head were married, have kids and have grown old together, when really they just smiled at me passing in the street and I actually have no clue who they are (yes I'm ranting about boys!) Sigh. The funny thing is, I actually don't want anyone at the moment, I'm doing brilliant on my own and I plan to keep it that way for a little longer so I don't really know why my brain/heart is doing this to me!?

This is me getting changed in the middle of the park for some Outfit Posts later on this week! 


That Weirdo With Feather's In Her Hair

I'm obsessed with maxi dresses. I only have two and it's taking all my will power not to buy everyone I see in the shops. I'm only just loving the Bo Ho look, but already my wardrobe is turning into a hippie one. This dress was actually kind of a mistake. My nan had bought me a cardigan for my birthday but it didn't fit right so we took it back to change it, but whilst walking through I spotted this out the corner of my eye. It was the last one left and it was in my size and in the sale! Wooop! I wore it to my Degree Show and made it a bit more dressy, so that a bonus, casual and formal in one :) The top I bought a few months ago to go over dresses to mix them up a bit but I've hardly worn it :S I hate not wearing clothes I've bought but its been either boiling hot or freezing cold. Yesterday was in between so I finally got to wear it. I was really nervous about wearing flats with this dress. I wore it with heals for my Show but I'm so short I thought I'd be tripping up over the hem (does anyone else have that problem?) Luckily the only problem I had was with the stairs! So this outfit is definitely a keeper and probably one you'll find me in rather alot as the weather gets a little warmer.

This week I'm staying at a friends while her parents are away. Lots of movies, baking and I'm also helping her setup a cake decorating blog for her new biz! So expect a lot of plugging from me for her fantastic cakes and I'll be making sure you all order a cake for any occasions you might have :P

Top-Quiz//Dress-Marks and Spencers//Belt-Thrifted//Shoes-BlowFish


Lately I've Been...

...Reading lots and lots of books

...Fawning over pastel coloured kitchen ware...WANT! 

...Buying quite a few more comics then usual.

...Wearing maxi dresses and feeling great!

...Watching Rhod Gilbert live...hilarious!

...Sitting in the garden with mum and watching the cat play in the sun.

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Daddy's Day!

Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there and a BIG hug to my own Stevie-pops! I love you loads, your the best dad ever and my best friend! Love ya! xx

Snail Mail Surprises

Look what arrived this weekend!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I am beyond excited about this now, and I was pretty excited before! It is so so SO cool! I love the little folder it comes in, I love that it has Jenson Button on the itinerary and I love the fact that its only 20 days till the big weekend!! I need to stock up on camera batteries and memory cards because I have a feeling I'll be using the camera a lot. Dads getting pretty excited too, I've never seen him so eager to go camping before, seriously he hates it. I hope its sunny because I hate the thought of camping on soggy ground and sitting in the wet stands while water falls on me for three days straight. I know you all know I love rain but I have my limits too :) So yeh, this weekend has been pretty fantastic!

Jennifer pointed out something on this post, I didn't actually say what this was. I suppose I just expected you all to know :P It's for the British Formula 1 Grand Prix. I'm a huge motor sport fan so I'm sorry if this holds no interest to you :P


Degree Show

Friday was my degree show!! Woop!! I had a brilliant night and it was a great evening to end the past three years of my life. All my family and friends turned up to show their support and it was lovely to see all the people who love me and to see all the beautiful work of the friends I've made. I've never thought my art would appeal to many people, I know its good and I'm proud of my art, but its such a specific genera that I have never thought that the public would connect with it. But I was pleasantly pleased with the response I got from people. So yeh, here it is, my final piece! I'm excited to share it with you and I wish you could of all come and seen it and said hello :) There are more pics on my Art Blog so go there to check it out :) 
Jacket-Dorothy Perkins//Dress-Mark&Spencers//Shoes-New Look//Headband-New Look


Reading List: Vol2

Woops! I'm a little late on this feature, and I will be honest I did forget about it! I finished all the books in my last post and have also read City of Lost Souls and Fifty Shades of Grey :) (I'll review them at some point soon) So at the moment I'm a little stuck for books, I cant afford to buy new ones so I'm searching the shelves for forgotten titles that I haven't read yet. So this might change but my reading list at the moment is...

Like Bees To Honey: I'm half way through this book and I remember why I didn't carry on with it when I bought it about 2 years ago. It's not bad its just hard to read. The lady who's point of view it is written from is from Malta so I presume you're supposed to read it like a Maltese person would speak English, with an accent. Which is fine, I have no problem with that, It's just I don't know what the accent sound like normally so it sounds weird and disjointed in my head. Not to mention the book is all about her getting over her dead son and conversing with Jesus and the spirits of the dead. I have no education on the Maltese way of life or religion or anything really, so maybe I should do a little research to better understand the story and point of view. I do have to say though, it;s getting easier to read as I go on so maybe its just my naivety on the subject that is holding me back.

The Sweet Far Thing: I started this trilogy about 5 years ago and this is the last book. The books mark has stayed exactly were it is, half way through, for about 2 1/2 years. This book is so boring!! It's been three books and nothing has happened! It's a pity because when I started it I thought it was great, but I was a teenager and it is a teenage book, so maybe I've grown up too much to find it interesting anymore. It's set in the Victorian era in a school for wealthy girls but magic surrounds the place and in particular the main girl, who's name escapes me. Basically she is trying to make heads or tails of the whole situation she finds her self in. These book's does have rare moments of beauty and equally scary bits, and as a whole its an intriguing story, but I just want to be done with them and move on. It's about time!

Blackvail: The last in the Green Rider Series, which is amazing and you have to read it!! I haven't actually bought this book yet but I know I'm going to read it so its on the list! I actually don't want to red it because I don't want this series to end, Its brilliant and I have come to love the characters so much, but I have to know what happens! Will she? Wont she? Will he come back? Will there be War? Who is going to die? (because this author is one of those who has no mercy and will kill your favorite character at a drop of a hat!) It's so exciting I might actually have to go to the book store right now to buy it..... 

What books are you reading this month? Do you get as emotionally attached to books as I do?


On My Bookshelf Vol3: Burlesque And The Art OF Teese

This is one of my favorite books I've ever been given, It was a Christmas present last year and I love it!! I'll let you in on a little not-so-secret, If I could be anything in the world, I would want to be a Burlesque dancer.  I love everything about it! The clothes and poses, the dancing and 50's inspiration. Okay I would never have the guts to take my clothes off but I like the idea of being that sexy haha! So of course this book appealed to me big time. Dita Von Teese is just brilliant, and this book has everything, from how to wear your makeup and what must-have clothes to own, to how to put on your own burlesque show and things like that. I haven't read it all yet, but I like to just flip through and read bits every now and again  and look at all the pretty pictures.

It's actually a double book and if you flip it over, the other side is a Fetish book. I'm not really into Fetish at all, its scary and when I look at the pictures on this side of the book I feel a little queezy and claustrophobic. So this side is less read or looked at but it is interesting to read about and she does make it totally 'user' friendly and unimposing. And the pictures, if a little out of my comfort zone, are not as crazy as you'd thing. (I am kinda loving that lady bird dress, maybe made out of fabric instead of plastic though)