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Seen as it's the start of a new month, I thought Id start a new monthly series that I've been sitting on for a while. At the beginning of every month I'll list my reading list for that month and update on any that I've not finished and things like that. I usually read 3-4 books at a time so its nice to talk about each one and also it helps me to remember what books I'm in the middle off! Also I'f your reading them too I'd love to discuss them so leave a comment or email me at littlelolly90@hotmail.co.uk I love talking about books so dont be afraid, I wont bite!

The High Kings Tomb: This is the third in a series that I am totally absorbed in. You can read my First Rider review here I still need to review First Riders Call but the second one was even better than first! I love these characters and the story is so tense and really gets your blood pumping. I love a good baddie, and the one through out this book is so subtle and creepy it's fantastic! I can't wait to get stuck in to this book, I'm already a few chapters in and so far so good. Some new characters have been introduced and there is a new threat that I cant wait to see where it goes. The one good thing about fantasy books like this, is you think you know whats going to happen. Bad things happen, good gets rid of evil and everyone lives happily ever after, but that is hardly ever the case, fantasy writes just now how to throw a spanner in the works and all hell breaks loose. AND I LOVE IT!

Nocturnes: This book I found In a charity shop last year. I had bought Never Let Me Go and read half of that and then watched the film (so naughty of me!) I love what I've read of NLMG and I love the film so I thought I'd try another of his books. Nocturnes is 5 short stories about music, love, circumstance and a moment in time. I've not finished it yet, I still have one more story to read and usually I'm not that keen on short stories but these are really good. It's not really a short story its more like sitting in a pub and over hearing a person telling a story, you only hear part of it and then you leave. You only get that tiny bit of their story and you wonder what happened to them, if everything turned out okay for them and they finally got what they want. I love people watching and listening in on peoples conversations (I'm not creepy I promise!!) So this book is right up my street, and its something a little different.

Hades: This is a YA book. I'm only really reading it because I read the first one and I hate not finishing a series of books, even if I hate the story I have to know what happens, its so annoying! Hades isn't so bad, I'm just a little bored of it now. I'm more than half way through and nothing has happened different to last 5 chapters. I'm sure there will be a big thing happen at the end, I can feel it, but I like action from the very first chapter so when a book saves it all for the 'big finale' its a little annoying. The characters are getting on my nerves and I just want them to hurry up and just get on with it, stop talking about it! So I'm sure when I finish it I'll look back and think actually that wasn't so bad, but I don't think so.

What books are you reading at the moment? Do you have any recommendations? I literally read anything so get you book lists in the comments and I can see if anything takes my fancy :)

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  1. Aahhh. Mostly school books. Yesterday was the first time in AGES I've opened a "real" book - Steppenwolf by Hesse. I tried to start Tales of Ordinary madness by Bukowski during my winter session, but it didn't feel right, so I didn't finish that one. Fingers crossed that it would turn out better this time!


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