Next Stage

It seems that all I'm talking/thinking about lately, is saying goodbye to the past and hello to the future. I guess that's what happens when you finish a major part of your life. That being said I thought I'd celebrate this next stage with a new blog design! I know I really only just changed it, and even though I loved it I felt it was way too heavy and I needed something a little more light and mature. I'm gonna miss that crazy yellow background though!! (still my Twitter background though, so too much) I'm totally rubbish at waiting till its all complete with blog design and as I have no idea what I'm doing I just kinda do it bit by bit. So far, as you may of noticed, I have a new header!! The old one (anyone remember that background? I'll give ya a cookie of you do!!) I have had since pretty much the start of this blog and I wanted my own image there and just general change. So I got all my coolest books, art and sci fi things and I LOVE IT!! It is me down to a tee :) The background is now nice and clean with just accents of red and yellow and the buttons are all being changed (as you can tell they're all over the place right now!), so when there done it will look nice and lovely :) What do you think so far? Hopefully it will all sort out soon but I gotta say, I'm pretty stoked about it :)


  1. Heyhey! It looks really good!
    There seems to be a problem, though - atleast my browser (Chrome) shows that some of the banners in your sidebar, baking and the one with the owl on the right, are strangely stretched out. :)
    Good luck with the new blogoutfit! I wish I could do something as cool to mine, too.


    1. thanks hun :) yeh, my comp is being so slow at the moment but I'll try figure it out soon, I use chrome too so it looks weird on mine.
      I'm not amazing at blog design and I just sort of wing it, but if you need some help in getting a new design I'd be happy to help (no charge of course)
      happy thursday! x


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