New Hair, Sort Of

It's not really new hair, I've just re-dyed it and bleached the ends so it sort of dip dyed. You can't see it very well in these pics because really I just want to show off the new photo editing software on Photobucket. I LOVE IT! It took me a while to get used to it and lots of grunts of frustration, but I finally got it! Usually I like my photos to be normal, but these filters they have are so subtle that I think you will find them slowly making there way onto this blog. Not on outfit posts (I hate it when outfit posts have filters on them) or at least not all the pics anyway, just more on the tra-la-la-la-la that I have here...I suppose it a little more than instagram and we all love those so it should be okay, yeh?

I had a brilliant birthday yesterday, and I'll be posting about it tomorrow, so you can all read about me turning 22! I've also written my 22 before 23 list so I'll be sharing that with you this week and also my last day in the studio is today so I'll be sharing that too :) So a busy blogging week and a busy real life week too. Life is good at the moment and I have lots of brilliant people to share it with x

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  1. Love your hair, love love love it!!!!!! And your blog header, Oh Em Geees. I Adore it. <3 Xo Lori


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