Loving: The fact that I only have 8 days left of Uni!! YEY! I can't believe that I am finally going to finish this annoying course and become a real person again. I'm fed up of tutors who don't give a crap, of stupid imature students and having to live in the crappy city! Woooh, *breaths deeply* sorry, I'm fine really, I'm just really happy to be finishing :)

Thinking about: My America trip. I bought a mahooosive road map of America to stick on my wall so I can plan my route and places I want to go over the next year. I cant wait to take it down and board that plane with just the bag on my back, the clothes I'm wearing and the map. Who am I kidding!? Ill be taking a massive suitcase, I can just tell haha! I've been planning this trip for about 2 years so its nice to have something solid to hold and actually see it come to life. SO EXCITED!

Anticipating: My up and coming trip to Leaveston Studios to the Harry Potter Tour with my pops!! I am beyond excited and keep having random moments of 'squuueee!' AND to top it all off today I received 2 for 1 coupons for Lego Land and Thorp Park, so hopefully we can go to either of these on the way there or on the way back. I would love to go to Lego Land again, for obvious reasons. Thorp Park would be awesome as I've always wanted to go but me and my dad have a bad history of theme parks together. It usually ends up with me being sick and him going on all the rides on his own. I don't think I could put him through that....again!

Listening to: Young The Giant. I think I was listening to them last time too, but I just bought their CD so its allowed. I love it! If you haven't heard them check them out, this CD is a killer. Only problem is I cant find my I-Pod to transfer it on to :(

Eating: Crisps and chocolate. What of it. I'm having one of those days where I just want to eat everything I can see and I don't care how sick it will make me feel later on. These days or dangerous!

Wishing: That bad things didn't happen to good people.

What are you currently doing? Id love to see!


  1. 8 days, that's crazy! :) I'm so happy for you!

    1. I KNOW!! I'm beyond excited...thanks hun :)


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