22 before 23

I've been wanting to do one of these all year! I've actually been waiting for my birthday so I could write this list, how sad is that. I spent ages making it look all pretty then realized when I finished you couldn't really see it but I cant be bothered to do it again so I'll write it underneath as well :)

1 go to america
2 make 5 dresses
3 read I am a cat
4 read lord of the rings again
5 get a job
6 start up my shop
7 Go to the grand canyon
8 Be a vendor at a craft fair
9 Go to vancouver
10 Get serious about moving out
11 Go to wonderfest
12 Go to Comic Con
13 Host a tea party
14 Build a library
15 Learn to make more treats
16 complete an art journal
17 Design my own clothes line
18 wright more letters
19 Go camping
20 Write and illustrate a childrens book
21 plant a herb garden
22 grow my hair

Some of these are never going to happen and some of them are already in the works, but I can't wait to tick them off as the year goes on! There is a lot more that I want to do that isn't on this list so I think I might do an extended list or a maybe like a 'Everyday' one. Hmmm. I'm determined to not let my creativity slide this year and this year is all about myself and living for me. I can just tell 22 is going to be amazing. It's only been a day and I feel great already!!


Lately I've been...

...enjoying the 2 for 1 offer on frap's at Starbucks!

...watching beautiful sunsets across the beach.

...spending time with my Nan, she never fails to make me laugh and I love her so much.

...falling in love with old/new shoes.

...eating the traditional birthday Caterpillar. 

...drinking far too much of this scrummy cider!

...trying to get some colour into this pale bod of mine.

...eating picnics in the sun with my two beautiful cousins.

...loving this hot weather. 27 degrees and rising!

...wearing less and less clothes, If it was acceptable to walk round naked I think I would. It is entirely too hot to wear clothes!

What have you been doing lately?


Birthday Bash: Part 2

For my birthday my cousin from Devon (but lives in Leeds) came down for the weekend and it was brilliant. It's been really really hot so we sat out in the sun pretty much all the time and sunbathed. We met my other cousin in town, bought some food and went home to have a picnic in the garden. It was really nice to spend some quality family/girl time as we hardly see each other any more. We were/are such a tight knit family that as everyone has gradually moved away its hard to miss each other loads! Luckily we all still want to go on holidays together and visit all the time so we see each other a few times a year, but its not the same as when we all lived with in walking distance!

The evening before my birthday we went to see my other cousin in a production on The Sound Of Music. It was really good. I love going to shows and ones with family members in are even better! Me and Heather decided to dress up kinda smart-ish because me were going to go and have a few drinks after but I wasnt feeling too good. I had a cracking headache and when we got home I was sick everywhere...so not the best start to a birthday but I've had worse. This is the most hideous picture, but it was the only one with my full outfit on so it'll have to do! The dress is the same one from post when I had my first blog meet up and the shoes are from Next. I have to do them up real tight because there a teenie weenie bit too big and I've gone over on them a few times. I got a few funny looks at the theater wearing this dress because its really short and when I sat down it rode up to my hips, so basically it looked like I was sat with no bottoms on!! How embarassing!! (probably more for the old man sitting next to me!)

Birthday Bash: Part 1

This actually happened last but its part 1 which is very confusing but completely irrelevant so I'll just start again...
Hi. My name is Holly and I am now 22! Woooop! If you read this post you would probably understand a little better why I love birthdays. Obviously I don't want to get old but its inevitable so I'm just gonna welcome it with open arms and say 'Hello 22!! Lets be friends and play all day long!' To me having a birthday and getting older doesn't mean I have to be any older. Of course with every year and everything life throws at me I'm getting maturer and wiser (so says I anyway!) but that doesn't mean you wont find me looking through the toy section of T.K Maxx for a My Little Pony, reading comics or having lightsaber fights in the garden. I'm going to love being 22 and I'm going to make the most of it, This year will be my year, and it will be awesome!

Cardigan-Marks&Spencer//Dress-T.K.Maxx//Headband-gifted//Necklace-gifted//Belt-Primark//Shoes-New Look

Anyhooo, I got a bit carried away there! For my birthday my Dad, Sarah and Nana took me out to a new Italian restaurant in town. It was scrummy, apart from the chili's that the cook snook into my Calzone when I wasn't looking (It may or may not have been on the menu, I just cant read apparently!) I think it might be my new favorite place to eat and everything on the menu looked amazing, so I'll definitely have to go back to try everything else. I wore a new dress that I had bought a few months ago and had been saving for something special. It was entirely too windy for such a light weight fabric and it was rather short in the front anyway, so I'm pretty sure people in the street got a flash of my knickers! It's such a lovely pattern and colour thought I will definitely be wearing it again, even if its gale force winds. The shoes I bought last summer and never wore them. There really high and I was scared I would fall on my face but I had to get them, they were too pretty. Turns out the platform makes them not high at all, there pretty much flat and really easy to walk in. Stupid. The bow headband I got of Dad and Sarah for my birthday, I'm not very good with saving presents, If it can be worn I'll wear it straight away and usually spill something on it then be sad I ruined a new present. Luckily this outfit came away spill-free so it was a great birthday all around!

Later I'll share part 2 and some time next week, when I get the photos of mum, I'll share my Birthday Night Out. It was awesome!


New Hair, Sort Of

It's not really new hair, I've just re-dyed it and bleached the ends so it sort of dip dyed. You can't see it very well in these pics because really I just want to show off the new photo editing software on Photobucket. I LOVE IT! It took me a while to get used to it and lots of grunts of frustration, but I finally got it! Usually I like my photos to be normal, but these filters they have are so subtle that I think you will find them slowly making there way onto this blog. Not on outfit posts (I hate it when outfit posts have filters on them) or at least not all the pics anyway, just more on the tra-la-la-la-la that I have here...I suppose it a little more than instagram and we all love those so it should be okay, yeh?

I had a brilliant birthday yesterday, and I'll be posting about it tomorrow, so you can all read about me turning 22! I've also written my 22 before 23 list so I'll be sharing that with you this week and also my last day in the studio is today so I'll be sharing that too :) So a busy blogging week and a busy real life week too. Life is good at the moment and I have lots of brilliant people to share it with x



Today is my Birthday!! Woooop! Its hot and sunny and such a beautiful day! Today I'll be watching that F1 and hoping for a Button or Webber win, putting up tents in the garden and going for a meal with the family tonight. I love birthdays!!



Loving: The sun! It has been so hot here it unreal. Today I had to put factor 50 on! I hate tanning. I hate tan lines and I hate sunbathing so I always wear 50 but I love the feel of the sun on my skin and one of my favorite smells ever is the smell of the sun. When you get in from a day in the sun and your skin smells of the sun and sun lotion...mmmm yummy! 

Thinking about: Moving out. I've lived away from home now for three years and the thought of going back is a strange one. I know I go back every weekend and in the holidays, but I don't want to go back. I like being independent and just doing what ever I want to. It's really weird because I am a home bird. I love being at home and I don't really want to leave my little town but I've come to realize that I like my own space. So let the house hunting commence!

Anticipating: My birthday this weekend :) My cousin who I've not seen in ages is coming up and if the weather stays like this we are going to have a blast! My other cousin is in a production of the Sound Of Music on Saturday so we will be going to see that. Sunday is my birthday and hopefully Jenson will win in Monaco (that would be the best birthday present ever, well I a kiss from him would be better but I can live with a win) and then out for a meal with Pops, Nana and Sarah :) I love birthdays!

Listening to: Blink 182. Every now and again I seem to revert back to my old music. I used to adore Blink and a part of me will always be that little timid teenager hiding behind her hair listening to pop punk bands on my walkman. I suppose I'm trying to find some comfort in all the chaos of things changing so suddenly, but im not complaining, I get to listen to them all over again :)

Eating: Eveything!! I think my body thinks I'm a bear and its winter because I am definitely building my fat reserves to start hibernating! I'm usually pretty ok at moderating my food but I just cant stop eating. When I get home I'm definitely joining the gym (I've put on 2stone in the last few months!? WTF!?) and running....and slimming world.

Wishing: That my mind/heart would stop messing me around and give me a definitive answer. I hate it when you're trying to figure something out and your heart says one thing and your mind says another. I know you should follow your heart and all that, but sometimes its not as easy as that. Heart and mind are fighting their corners at the moment. We shall see.


Next Stage

It seems that all I'm talking/thinking about lately, is saying goodbye to the past and hello to the future. I guess that's what happens when you finish a major part of your life. That being said I thought I'd celebrate this next stage with a new blog design! I know I really only just changed it, and even though I loved it I felt it was way too heavy and I needed something a little more light and mature. I'm gonna miss that crazy yellow background though!! (still my Twitter background though, so too much) I'm totally rubbish at waiting till its all complete with blog design and as I have no idea what I'm doing I just kinda do it bit by bit. So far, as you may of noticed, I have a new header!! The old one (anyone remember that background? I'll give ya a cookie of you do!!) I have had since pretty much the start of this blog and I wanted my own image there and just general change. So I got all my coolest books, art and sci fi things and I LOVE IT!! It is me down to a tee :) The background is now nice and clean with just accents of red and yellow and the buttons are all being changed (as you can tell they're all over the place right now!), so when there done it will look nice and lovely :) What do you think so far? Hopefully it will all sort out soon but I gotta say, I'm pretty stoked about it :)

Last One

Today is I am doing my last painting of University! I am beyond relived to finally get it all done, and I am in need of a break. Desperately! This week was supposed to be a busy, crazy, rushing round trying to get everything done week, but instead its been slow, sunny and relaxing. I don't know if that's a good thing but it certainly feels nice. We've been eating junk and lots of ice-pops, watching endless Stargate episodes and visiting all our favorite places that we will no longer go to now Uni is over. Yesterday Tim came up for the day and I had such a great time. It was so hot and sunny it was lovely. In the evening Hollie and I went to our most favouritest food place and gorged ourselves on chines buffet food and almost popped our belts.

Last weekend it was my birthday party. It's not my actual birthday till the 27th May but I wanted to have a little fun with my Uni friends. It was Star Wars fancy dress and it. was. AWESOME! I still need to get the pics of my mother but as soon as I have them I'll share the night with you, it was ridiculous!

Also. (this is definitely a catch up post!) A few months ago I was approached by a company called Diary.com. It's an online private diary which is kind of a mix of Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram but its all personal and you can choose whether or not you want to make the pages public. I was asked to be a kinda spokes girl where I would make a page but it would be public and it would be a look-what-this-site-can-do-come-and-have-a-go sorta thing. After much discussion with my mum about whether I should do it I decided yes. It sounded cool and they were really nice and helped me with any questions I had. Anyway...It's finally up and running and you can visit my diary with the button on my side --->
If you follow me on Instagram sorry for the repeat pictures but the photo app that goes with Diary.com is not available yet. I've had a lot of fun doing this and its good to give me some experience in this sort of thing.

I cant wait to go home and have two weeks off sitting in the sun and chilling out with friends and family. But now...to finish my painting. Have a great Wednesday!

P.S I'm bored of this background already, I know right, BUMMER! So if you have any suggestions of how you think it should be set out or anything just give me a shout because I really need some suggestions!


And So It Ends (picture heavy)

The final episode of Glee is next week. I know that's not a massive thing but Glee started when I started University, and now three years later it is ending when I do too (this cast anyway) It is a massive thing to get my head around and I am so glad it's over. But. I am also deeply sad about it. I have spent the last 21 years of my life in some form of education and I've always had something to do next. After junior school there was high school, after high school there was college and after college there was University. But now there is nothing. There is nothing next. A job? A house? Marriage? Family? Non of that is concrete and it is frightening, but its also exciting. I am so looking forward to the future and what comes next and actually, I think I quite like not knowing what comes next. I will miss this part of my life though. The not having any worries, no mortgage, no job, no 'other person'. I will miss being able to get up in the afternoon and go to bed in the morning. I will miss watching back to back episodes of Stargate all day 'just because I can'. I will miss the friends I have made and the people who have come into my life in the last few years. Sure I'll probably see them again, but it will never be like this. It will never be this easy again and I have taken that for granted.

I know I have quite a few younger readers (hi!) and I just want to take this time to tell you to enjoy yourself. Maybe your at school/college or starting Uni, what ever, my advise is the same. Enjoy yourself. Because before you know it 3 years have gone and then there is nothing next. I'm not saying that to scare you or make you think about what you want to do after Uni or whatever, I'm saying it so you will cherish those times you got up at 4 in the afternoon, skipped a lecture to go the park when it's sunny, or watch T.V in your P.J's with your best friend all day, because soon those days will be over and I want you all to be able to look back on those days and know that above all you had the best time you could of possibly had.

So Glee's final episode is kinda the mark of the end for me. I watched the third and second to last episodes today and I was balling my eyes out. I could feel it in the pit of my stomach, the beginning of the end. I love watching T.V shows and films set in high school (its a guilty pleasure) and I've always wondered what it would feel like to graduate and go through those emotions that they do. It feels exactly as I imagined. Sad, happy, scary, exciting, confusing, terrifying and awesome all at the same time. I have butterflies in my belly and I feel like I'm about to burst out crying at any second. I don't want to go to class because I'm scared if I see my friends and we talk about 'the end' I'll start balling and they'll laugh. I know at graduation when everyone says good bye I'm gonna cry. I just know it. So with that being said I just want to share some memories of my last 3 years. All in all, they were pretty good.