So whilst your reading this I should be on my way to London, woop! I'm going with my mates from Uni on a kinda gallery crawl, but will probably end up into a shopping and drinking crawl haha! So I'll be away for a few days having loads of fun and when I come back I'll have lots stories to tell :)

Anyway, this was the other day when Mum and Matt went to a friends wedding. We had a little out of the blue photo shoot in the front garden and these were some of the photos. My mum looked gorgeous and I love how these pics turned out. I love how fun mum and Matt, we always have a good laugh together :)

When they left I had a little vain photo shoot of my own, don't laugh, I know you all do it too! Any way I hadn't had any photos of my new hair and I thought it looked pretty nice this day so I snapped away :) I think you have to take new photos every now and again so you don't forget what you looked like, or that's what I tell myself to make myself feel less vain :P Anyway, feeling a little embarrassed now so I'll see ya'll when I get back in few days :D


  1. Holly I love the top left one of your "vain" (as if, I do it all the time haha) photos you look so cute and your hair looks amazing! xx

  2. Aww I love your little photo shoot. Loving your hair and that "Back to the Future" tee too :D

  3. These photos are super good! And apparently I have vain photo shoots most days?! LOL. outfit photos-they have a purpose-at least that's what I keep telling myself! And that Back to the future t is awesome! Xo Lori


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