My New Baby

Say hello to my new little baby. And I gotta say, I'm kinda in love with him. Yes it's a him. I have a habbit of naming inanimate objects and this beast is definitively a boy I've names him Terrance after a really sweet old man we saw in Liverpool. His wife was trying to get his attention and she was shouting 'Terrance! Terrance! Terrance come here!' It was so endearing and incredibly sweet. Anyway, I digress, where was I. Oh yes...Isn't he a beaut! I got him of Ebay for £13, it arrived the day before we went away which was nice and it already had film init, which was a lovely surprise. Of course I rushed right into to it and took my first picture whilst having coffee at Starbucks. It didn't go well. I missed half the coffee mug off and it was super blurry. Mum pointed out that I should probably read the instructions, she's full of good ideas that one. Turns out the zoom was on! But I will always love that first picture :)

As you can see from that colossal grin on my face that Terrance and I have hit it off swimmingly and I can just tell that this is going to be a long and happy relationship, although I can imagine him being a temperamental old fool who doesn't do as he's told so we shall see :P 
On a side note. Mum is trying, or more like I'm making her, brush up on her photography skills on my Nikkon D40X for my outfit posts. If anyone has some easy to follow instructions or tips for basic camera workings, outfit post taking, or just general pointers to help her out, that would be fantastic. I don't know much myself so trying to explain what I want her to do but not actually knowing how to do it can get a little frustrating!

Do any of you have a Fuji Instax Camera and want to share some tips you might of picked up along the way? Do you name your inanimate objects? I'd love to know what your camera's/phones/laptops are called.

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  1. I am so so so so so so so so very jealous. I have a mini instax on my birthday wishlish but I have no idea if I'll get one! I name most of my inanimate objects: case in point: my scooters name is penelope BUT I've never named my camera, I need to remedy this. I feel drawn to Lulu so I think that might just have to be it :) XO Lori

    PS your dress is toooo cute! I hope you'll have an outfit post about it soon (Unless you already did and I just haven't gotten there yet?!)


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