Like A Kid In A...Oh Wait, I've Done This Before!

This is my last post on Liverpool. I had two other posts ready but when I went to schedule them I asked myself 'what will my readers gain from reading these?' the answer was nothing. You really don't need to know where I went for dinner and how much I drank in the evening, and to be honest, I didn't really want to tell you. Not in a horrible way because I love sharing my life with you guys, but I've realized that its so easy to just share your whole life on here and I think its healthy to keep somethings private and special between your family and friends. But that doesn't mean I'll be post less!!

So anyway do you all remember this post? The Lego shop is still one of my favourite shops (I know, I'm such a kid). Well for Christmas I asked for some lego, because I missed getting it and decided I wasn't ready to grow up just yet. Over the Christmas period the Lego store sold little boxes that you could take back in the new year ad fill up with what ever you want from the big lego wall, and I got one! It was seriously one of my favourite presents. So when we went to Liverpool at the weekend I filled mine up :) I thought long and heard about what I wanted to fill it with, because it was a pretty major decision.

I wanted all grey because then I could make spaceships! But when I got there all the bricks were coloured so I built a massive block the size of the box so I could get as much as I can. I'm not sure if I was allowed to do that but they never checked the box so got away with it! I had so much fun filling my box and the lego wall is how I would love to organize my lego, maybe one day in my child's room :) I was there for ages, making sure I didn't have too much of one type haha, it was very carefully thought out. I would love to visit a bigger Lego store, the Liverpool one is tiny and still is pretty cool, imagine what a big one is like!?

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