Life According To Instagram

So this is my life at the moment. I love having Instagram and am so happy they decided to branch out to Android users! I do need to stop taking photos of silly things but that's all part of the fun really isn't it :) There isn't much to show you really as I've been rather ill the last week so I've been inside pretty much indisposed but here's what I have been doing

-Easter Eggs, and lots of them. Chocolate is good when you're ill yeh?
-Early morning train rides are not fun...
-But when you have an unexpected travel partner, it makes it that much more exciting.
-This week I've been trying a new make up style, and I love it!
-I cracked an egg perfectly in half, GO ME!
-Really into my book at the moment.
-I finally got my vintage throw on my couch, but now I don't want to sit on it :/
-Wearing yellow all over is like wearing the sun.
-Finally got a duvet and put my Batman duvet on it, I'm so cool...
-New make up but with red lips.
-Wearing dresses that I usually save for special occasions but in the day!
-Grapes for breakfast, so yummy!
-The best gig ever!! Monument Valley and...
-Boy and Bear. Brilliant.
-When your ill its okay to lay your duvet out, eat junk and chill out watching Disney channel.

And to top it all off I have an eye infection :/ Just great! So i'm thinking another 3 days of bed rest and sick person activities and then i'll be fine just in time to go back to university. Typical. The last official 'education holiday' of my life and I am ill the whole time :( Hopefully I'll be okay for a nice stroll in town with mum but I doubt I'll be taking any outfit posts with my gooky eye, pity too because the weather's been lovely and sunny the last few days. And the blossom tree is finally blossoming!! I miss it every year so i'm determined to see it this year and take some pretty photos.

What have you been up to this week? Got any links to your Instagrams for me to take a peek at?


  1. Hahah, aww.. I love your photos and I hope you're feeling better! :) I'm actually excited they branched out.. but the whole Facebook thing isn't my favorite.

  2. Lovely photos! I really like the egg design on the first photo and, of course, I am in love with your makeup!! :)


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