Instagram for Android

INSTAGRAM IS ON ANDROID!! My wish has finally been granted! I'm gonna sound really fickle right about now but I've wanted an Iphone for while now just so I could have the Instagram app. Bad I know, but I really, reeally wanted that app. So I practically jumped for joy this morning when I found out that it's not available for Android! I still want and Iphone but i'm not as desperate anymore. I've not even had the app 24 hours and i'm already addicted, I've had to stop myself taking photos of pretty much everything.

So if your on instagram lets be friends!! My user name is littlelolly90 (I don't know if that needs a @ or # in front of it but I'm sure you're all more knowledgeable than me in Instagram lingo.) But just to warn you, I am a photo taking crazy lady, just so you know...

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  1. Ohh my this has made me insanely happy!!! I used to have instagram on my iPod but it broke and I've missed it!!! I must go find this app!!


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