I'm Still Here!

Yeh I'm still here :) I've been away all week in London and then not having a laptop towards the end of the week. I gotta tell ya, it was nice. I know blogging, for me anyway, isn't a job (I wish!) but I do find my self worrying that I haven't posted in a while or worrying that I have nothing to blog about, so it was nice to just forget about it all and have a good time. Not that I want to stop, NO WAY!! I love blogging! But I think it's good to take a break and just watch the flowers grow.

Saying that though, this week I've got some cool post coming up about London, my birthday surprise and my first ever blogger meet up with the beautiful Cait from Sailing To Nowhere tomorrow! Were both so excited and we can't wait, its so exciting!!

So I promise this week I'll be back and raring to go :) It's also coming up to my last week of Uni! How fast has that gone!? I'm supper stoked that its nearly over but I'm starting to panic now that I'm not going to get it all finished. So keep your fingers crossed that I can actually put my head down and work with out any distractions. My degree show is on the 15th June at 5pm at Uclan Preston, if anyone is interested, you should come and say hi and see some incredible art (not mine, my class mates) and there's free food and drink if that seals the deal for you :P For those of you who can't make it, I'll be taking loads of photos so I'll do a special screening for my lovely blogger followers, you'll have to provide your own drink though, sorry.

Today is bacon butties, a nice brew, staying in my pj's till late, starting a new book, listening to show tunes and going back to Preston. Oh and its also raining really hard, woop! I love the sound of rain falling on my french windows, it sounds so romantic.

OOH! And I have to say I massive, huge, gigantic thank you to Tim for looking after this blog whilst I was away and making me not worry too much about not posting all week, didn't you just love him!? Make sure you hop over to his blog and give him a big thank you hug for me!

So what are you up to this wet and dreary Sunday? any special plans or just hiding under the duvet with a book and a brew?

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