Green Rider

I just finished book 23 of my 100 goal for this year. Yeh, I'm a little behind! Really need get my act together, but i'm having real trouble with it lately! I used to be able to stay up till all hours reading, usually finishing a book of in the same night that I started it, but lately I've not been able to read more than a few pages and then i'm asleep...what is wrong with me?!

Anyway I forced my self to stay awake and finish Green Rider by Kristen Britain. This actually took me ages to read. I bought it little under a year ago and I started it straight away but just couldn't get into it, so I left it a while and came back to it a few weeks ago. I pushed past the barrier that I met last time and was actually really impressed with it. It's a fantasy story that is set in times of castles, kings and long lost magic. I love these types of story because I like to think that there not really fantasy but history told in a new way and magic has just been forgotten through out the ages.The story follows Karigan, a school girl who runs away from school after being expelled and on her way home she is met by a Green Rider, from the Kings personal messenger service. He is dying and as his final act he makes her promise to carry the message to the King no matter what.

It's a really good book once you get past the beginning tediousness that most books have, Its exciting and full of daring adventure and action. I love how Britain takes you on a magical journey and her writing style is easy with out loosing any of its depth or brutality. She doesn't hold back and its nice to have a woman writer who can write a good story with out resorting to mush gushy love yuck. Don't get me wrong, I love a good chic-lit, but sometimes times just call for daring horse races through wild forests, battling mythical creatures, bloody battles and a good dose of magic.

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  1. holy wow that's a lot of books to read girly! I am super impressed. I love to read but I'm lucky if I finish 5 a year anymore! Although next month is going to be book reading city for me...Insurgent and the next sookie stackhouse book comes out WOOT!


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