Easter Sunday: What It's All About

I don't really talk about my faith on this blog. Maybe the odd saying here and there but nothing majorly out there. There are a few reasons for this:

A) because when I read blogs that are so obviously faith orientated I'm immediately turned off. Not because I disagree with what they're saying but I'm so hyper-sensitive to other peoples beliefs that I don't want to force my faith on anyone and make anyone feel uncomfortable because of my faith. I get so embarrassed by the preachers in the streets and the people who try to convert people by firing bible verses at everyone. I believe in showing people the love of God by living a good life and showing through actions. This doesn't mean that I think these bloggers are wrong, their some of the best blogs I read and the ladies are beautiful people and I admire them so much, it's just not something I would do personally and I am in no way judging them.

B) because I want people to know me for me. Christians get so much bad press because of a select few, and I don't want people to pass a judgment on me because of my Faith. I am not every other Christian that condemn people, pass judgment on people, hate people for their faith and sexual orientation. I might not believe that what they are doing is right but I'm not going to shun them and tell them they are wrong. I am going to treat them like every other person, like human beings. I will show them the love of God by my actions  because no matter what you've been told, I believe God loves every single one of us. No body is perfect and that is what Easter is all about.

C) After all I've said here the main reason I don't mention my faith is the last few years my faith has slipped and I have wavered from what I thought was so strong. It's not that I don't believe it anymore, not by any means, I just haven't felt in the right place that I can say things on this blog and feel like I'v got a bad case of talk the talk but not walk the walk. Also I believe this is a personal journey that I have to make and until I am where I feel I need to be I don't want to make a point of it.

Saying all that I did want to share this seen as it's Easter. Whilst browsing for Easter eggs in Morrisons this week, I saw this egg out the corner of my eye. 'The Real Easter Egg' is a simple chocolate egg with an Easter Story comic on the back. I think this is such a great idea to remind children of the real reason we have Easter and I am even more impressed that Morrisons would support such a faith orientated product.

This has been a completely out of the blue post and I've just written it as I thought about it. I mean no disrespect to anyone and I don't mean to offend anyone either. These are just my thoughts and opinions :)

Today I'm in Manchester visiting friends and going to a gig in the evening, I'm so excited i've been waiting for this day for ages!!

What does Easter mean to you? Any special plans?

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