DIY: Comic Letters

This DIY is one I have had ready to do for aaages!! I bought the letters like a year ago and only just decided what I wanted to do with them. I opted for comic strips but you could do it with any paper/patter/colour you please. I wanted a Star Wars comic but I couldn't bring my self to cut it up so X-Men it was. I actually had to buy a second copy because I started to read the first copy and decided It was going in my monthly buy pile...Woops! Please excuse the different coloured photos, my camera is being a naughty teenager and getting right on my nerves!! Gonna have to take it to the shop to get looked at cause its doing some weird things.

So first off you need some letters, mine are from Hobby Craft. They were quite expensive to I think next time I'm gonna have a go at making my own but these worked really well for what I wanted. Mine spell my name, of course. You also need what ever your going to decorate with, comics for me, but you can use any kinda paper or fabric. Not pictured but you will definitely need them are, scissors, pen, glue (I used wallpaper paste) coloured acrylic paint or spray paint and a paint brush.

So flick through your comic and choose the bits that you want to do. I wanted mine to fit all together neatly but you could just cut out random bits and stick down randomly. I drew around some bits and did other bits free had but basically you need to cut out the shape of your letters. i did mine in a sort of mosaic and mixed matched bits from all over the show. To make it easier you could just use one page.So this is where my camera decided to have a hissy fit. PAINT YOUR LETTERS BEFORE STICKING IT ALL DOWN!! I chose red to match the Marvel theme and because most of the images were quite blue the red really sets it off, but of course you choose what ever colour you want :) I was going to alternate with red and Yellow but I didn't have any yellow paint handy. I used acrylic but I think spray paint would work better and get a more even colour. I painted all over so if there were any gaps in the pictures it wouldn't matter.

Now stick your images on, when the paint is dry of course. I used wallpaper paste because I think it sits nicer than PVA. Be sure to take a photograph of each letter before you move the images. I didn't and I had a hard time remembering where all the bits go, unfortunately I'm not blessed with photographic memory. Leave to dray and TAH'DAH! Some lovely comic letters to put in your room! I would ideally liked to of hung mine on the wall but not allowed to, dads rules, so I just balanced them over the door frame. I think they look wicked, I just cant slam the door incase they fall off!

If you make this I would love to see what different ideas you come up with, be sure to link back, I might even share some of my favorites a it later on :)


  1. Awesome Idea. I may do something like this with Nightmare Before Christmas for my sons Nightmare Before Christmas Nursery. Thanks for posting =)

  2. This looks great! What a good idea :)

  3. So passionfruitads just retweeted your sponsor tweet I clicked on your blog and then on this! UM....Awesome! We are in the process of redoing my son's bedroom - I think I found the best way to make his name. Thank you - if I end up doing it i'll definitely let you know!

    1. Oh WOW! Thanks alot :) It was so much fun to do (if a little fiddly) I'd love to see what version you do!

  4. I love this and I especially love the red that you chose and that you specifically meant to match it with the Marvel theme. I never thought of using wallpaper paste. I didn't even know there was such a thing! I've done a few mod podge comic projects and I have to say, they are some of my favorites. :) Great job!


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