Yeh. This happened. Right before I went to Liverpool with mum a few weeks ago, I got home from Uni and these little bundles of fluff and feathers were entertaining the family in the living room. How cute are they!?! Sarah was looking after them for the school for the night, so we didn't get to keep them, but I did entertain the idea of sneaking one into my room, there were 10 after all and I doubt they would of noticed if one had gone missing right? I completely forgot about it until I was looking through my photos and since i'm a little sparse on the posts of late I though this was a nice, lovely, cute little filler for you :)

They were absolutely adorable! They kept falling asleep randomly and if you picked one up, it would just fall asleep in you hand (excuse my horrible painty hand!) Some of them were testing out their wings and kept trying to fly away, it was so funny, their little stubby wings didn't get them very far at all. I thought it was so cute how they all huddled together to keep warm. Poor little chicks must of been so cold.

We were taking photos of them in really funny places. We put one on the remote control car, on Sarah's head, in front of dads Alien model so it looked like it was being chased. Poor things were glad when it was bed time I think. Silly humans making them look stupid for entertainment purposes :S Ones thing for sure...I definitely want some chickens now!!

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  1. Oh my goodness. The cuteness here is almost too much, almost. I cannot wait to build a little coop in my backyard (woohoo for my city being urban farming friendly-aka we're allowed to have 3 chickens LOL) I want to get 1 chick and raise it and then rescue 1 more...ahhh a girl can dream can't she!? It would already be done if I didn't live in Minnesota, where you have to have an indoor heated coop! XO Lori


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