Show Me How You Burlesque

Hands up if you've seen the Burlesque movie with Christina and Cher? It's got to be one of my fav films, I can't stop watching it!! It's so cheesy and I love it, I tell everyone to watch it, so WATCH IT!! I made my mum watch it and she's now hooked too. So much so that for my birthday surprise my mum booked me and her tickets to the burlesque show Martini Lounge in Liverpool!! It was amazing, but I will save that for another post when I've got all the photo's from mums phone. But here is what I wore!! It's not very Burlesque-ie but we went shopping before had so hand to go in something a little more normal. We both agreed that next time were going all out with the fancy dress though!

I bought this dress and shirt combo on my trip to London last week. It's from Camden Market, one of my favourite places to shop. I fell in love the moment I layed eyes on it. I love the uniqueness of it, is is a dress or a skirt...who knows, I do know it fits amazing and looks darn cute! I actually wasn't going to buy it because I had spent entirely too much money but my friend practically begged me to buy it, so I did :) The shirt is separate from H&M but it fits like a glove. I have trouble with shirts as I'm rather largely busted (is there a nice way of saying that?!) and always get that stupid gappey bit in between the buttons. The only thing is its totally see-through, which I didn't notice until I got home, so cant wear it without a cardigan or scarf. Gaaah!

I wore: Scarf-River Island//Cardigan-New Look//Shirt-H&M//Dress-Camden Market//Tights-Accessorize//Socks-New Look//Boots-Doc Martin 

Its so cold again at the moment I had to break out the winter boots! Not that I mind, as I love these shoes but when your in the mind for sandals and cute heels, these are the last thing you want wear. Mum looked as gorgeous as even and I would say where her clothes are from but I forgot to ask and I cant remember! I know the bags from TopShop though!!

And of course the customary jumping photo :)  Keep your eyes out for the Martini Lounge post...it was such a great night!!

I'm Still Here!

Yeh I'm still here :) I've been away all week in London and then not having a laptop towards the end of the week. I gotta tell ya, it was nice. I know blogging, for me anyway, isn't a job (I wish!) but I do find my self worrying that I haven't posted in a while or worrying that I have nothing to blog about, so it was nice to just forget about it all and have a good time. Not that I want to stop, NO WAY!! I love blogging! But I think it's good to take a break and just watch the flowers grow.

Saying that though, this week I've got some cool post coming up about London, my birthday surprise and my first ever blogger meet up with the beautiful Cait from Sailing To Nowhere tomorrow! Were both so excited and we can't wait, its so exciting!!

So I promise this week I'll be back and raring to go :) It's also coming up to my last week of Uni! How fast has that gone!? I'm supper stoked that its nearly over but I'm starting to panic now that I'm not going to get it all finished. So keep your fingers crossed that I can actually put my head down and work with out any distractions. My degree show is on the 15th June at 5pm at Uclan Preston, if anyone is interested, you should come and say hi and see some incredible art (not mine, my class mates) and there's free food and drink if that seals the deal for you :P For those of you who can't make it, I'll be taking loads of photos so I'll do a special screening for my lovely blogger followers, you'll have to provide your own drink though, sorry.

Today is bacon butties, a nice brew, staying in my pj's till late, starting a new book, listening to show tunes and going back to Preston. Oh and its also raining really hard, woop! I love the sound of rain falling on my french windows, it sounds so romantic.

OOH! And I have to say I massive, huge, gigantic thank you to Tim for looking after this blog whilst I was away and making me not worry too much about not posting all week, didn't you just love him!? Make sure you hop over to his blog and give him a big thank you hug for me!

So what are you up to this wet and dreary Sunday? any special plans or just hiding under the duvet with a book and a brew?



Tim here once again. Fear not if your missing the wonderful Holly Woosey she's back soon and this will be one of my last pieces so lets make it a big one. I told you it was going to be a big week with the release of 'The Avengers' so let's take a look further with a review of the last two Marvel Avenger character films released. Here's the twist, Holly and her friend are massive competing fans of Thor and Captain America respectively, even buying each other themed presents of each character last Christmas. So let's settle this right now with a head-to-head battle of both characters films. GEEKS ASSEMBLE!



Leading the run of superhero movies.

Starring: Chris Evans, Tommy Lee Jones, Hugo Weaving, Hayley Atwell, Sebastian Stan, Dominic Cooper, Neal McDonough, Derek Luke & Stanley Tucci. Director: Joe Johnston. Screenplay: Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely

Stan Lee and his comic book team have given us plenty to marvel at over this last year. From 2010's iron-tight sequel 'Iron Man 2' , to this years thunderous 'Thor' and 'First Class' addition to the 'X-Men' series. There's more to come too as the amazingly, anticipated 'The Avengers' ensemble piece sets to do battle with Batman and his 'The Dark Knight Rises' in 2012. To start things off however 'The First Avenger' must go to war for country and comic-book. So Chris Evans picks up the shield and responsibility to carry the star on his chest and the role of the first comic book hero in 'Captain America'.

Chris Evans is back in a big way. No not the four eyed, ginger entertainer-that would just be weird and wrong-but a ladies favourite actor, who's only red head came when he portrayed Johnny Storm the 'Human Torch' in the formidable 'Fantastic Four' series. In this years Summer blockbuster season, Evans goes to battle with D.C. and fellow Hollywood heart-throb Ryan Reynolds who has also had experience in playing two superhero's in separate movies (he brought his charisma to 'Wolverine's' Deadpool and a spin-off is rumoured) and is currently lighting things up on screen as the 'Green Lantern'.

It's Captain America who shines the brightest however, (besides Evans has one more comic-book, winning credit with 'The Losers' and even another if you count his evil turn in 'Scott Pilgrim') shielding the glare from 'The Green Lantern's' latest run. Evans is heaven sent, landing into the role perfectly. Standing out with charisma and charm when needed, but falling back and not overpowering the character-first nature of hero movies like this, a-la Christian Bale in Batman. He's tough, but fair in nature and his extensive action/light film resume makes him the right candidate for the Captain. With hope and glory he leads this film right with pride in the legacy of his films traditional and comic book legend. Plus he can pull off looking like a skinny teen perfectly-with some CGI help of course-not bad for a 30 year old gym rat.

You know what to expect from Marvel films these days-there's so many of them. There's always a hilarious Stan Lee cameo's, something to wait for after the credits (it's really worth it this time) and the comic-book franchise always has a real way of telling a story of world history as well as it's own legacy extremely well. Even though the expectations are a given, this is still great. There's a battalion of star power behind Evans character in support. From the brilliant, battle-tested Tommy Lee Jones (armed to the bone with wit and the British intelligence of America's love interest Hayley Atwell) to super villain Hugo Weaving (even though in full evil form he looks more like Samuel L. Jackson) and super-scientist Stanley Tucci. Plus Dominic Cooper channels his inner Downey Jnr charm to play Tony Stark's dad Howard perfectly for a clever twist on the Avenger franchises overlapping themes. Don't forget the other soldiers who have Evans back either, from Sebastian Stan to Neal McDonough and Derek Luke.

Despite being armed with little more than a shield and dodgy, dated costume (it actually works), 'Captain America' is picture perfect from the classic, right look of 1940's America (even if is thanks to filming in England's Manchester and Liverpool) to the cool action choreography. This picture is a perfect period piece. Overall this film is more then just patriotic like the 'Star Spangled Banner' and more then just another vehicle for a Samuel L. Jackson cameo. 'Captain America' is worthy of Nick Fury's initative. Someone call Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Hawkeye. 'The Avengers' are ready. TIM DAVID HARVEY.



A thunderous, Thor-de-force.

12A, 130 Minutes. Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Stellan SkarsgÄrd, Jamie Alerxander, Rene Russo & Idris Elba. Director: Kenneth Branagh. Screenplay: Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz & Don Payne

By now you'll know what to expect from the Marvel franchise and it's budding Avenger series. Comic humor and action? Check! References to other movies? Check! Hilarious Stan Lee cameo's? Your damn right...check! Still anyone going into this film expecting the same old stuff, with their arms folded in prepared disappointment will be pleasantly surprised. Not that there's anything wrong with the other Marvel Films (they are great) but with all the sub-Avenger films and other superhero reboots coming out it's hard not to be geeked out (in the wrong way) with all this comic-book carnage. That is until you take in the excitement of 'Thor'.

OK so you may be familiar with the mythical or comic book story of 'Thor' (and let's face it both are treated like ancient text), but here's the skinny on the story of the God that's so ripped he looks like the dudes from '300' on steroids. So Thor's about to be named king by his father Odin (Hopkins) much to his brother Loki's dismay and jealousy, but then some frost giants (who look like some dodgy 'Star Trek' villains) attempt to steal their confiscated bio-frost (which sounds like some sort of detergent). So Thor armed wit his new vanity and arrogance seeks revenge much to his fathers disapproval.

This leads to his banishment to earth, where Thor is found by a research team led by Natalie Portman. This leads to some hilarious and peculiar happenings as Thor finds it hard to get to grips with coffee house etiquette and transportation means. Still if you think he's got problems back home his father's stress has led him to fall into a deep 'Odinsleep' (nice to have a type of sleep named after you hey?) which leads to the scheming Loki literally and figuratively assuming the throne. This leads to more problems for Thor as both his world and his new one are under serious threat, but can he get his Excalibur on and hammer down these problems?

This is some ridiculously good yarn wrapped up by director Branagh (who better for this, really) in all it's epic, loud Brian Blessed bravado. As entertaining as it is surprising this film is primed to storm the pre-summer blockbuster season no matter how 'Fast and Furious' it is. This film has realms of talent. After an impressive cameo in 'Star Trek', Chris Hemsworth bulks and beefs up beyond belief for a meaty role. While 'Black Swan' Oscar winner Natalie Portman spreads her wings and steps into Marvel's Gwyneth Paltrow type roll perfectly as the strong female lead. Stellan Skarsgard and Kat Dennings also make the perfect team for her but Loki is not a good ally for his brother Thor and Tom Hiddleston plays this perfectly. Thor also has some friendly, funny and fantastic support from friends led by the beautiful and talented Jamie Alexander. Even though there in smaller roles new and established favourite talents Idris Elba and Rene Russo but in strong plays to help make this film that much bigger. Still it's legendary talent Anthony Hopkins who was born for his role as Odin, hamming it up and playing it perfectly to a tee.

Graphically speaking this movie is stunning and content wise it's suitable for adults and young kings. With some introductions to other Avenger characters in cameo's and some other movie references to Marvel at this film keeps both this franchise and series going. Exciting and funny this is pure entertainment and the mix between fantasy and real world works showing that this film doesn't treat itself so seriously. From the pomp and extravagance of the fantasy world to the easy going, small-town circumstance of the real world. It's this right mix and the fun, action-packed thrill-ride of this film that will extend this avenging franchises reign, leading fans to proclaim like 'Thor' after a drink for 'ANOOOOTHEEEERR'! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Who's Better? It's a tough one. You be the judge...


Tim here again, filling in for the sweetest writer Woosey and now is the time I really took over and introduced you to something new. For those who don't know Lonnie Rashid Lynn (more commonly known as the rapper/actor called...erm 'Common') is a big name in movies and music. From starring in 'Smokin Aces', 'Wanted', 'Terminator: Salvation' and 'Just Wright' to releasing classic albums like 'Be', 'Finding Forever' and 'Resurrection' Common's done a lot. He was even considered for the role of the 'Green Lantern' before Ryan Reynolds and has performed poetry for President Barack Obama. Last year he released another classic album and also penned an inspirational autobiography. Let's take a look at both.



More uncommon sense.

It's been a great decade for Lonnie Lyn AKA 'Common', the artist formerly known as 'Common Sense'...hell it's been a great career. From telling one of hip-hop's greatest stories in 'I Used To Love H.E.R.', to going from the underground to the mainstream with the release of 'Like Water For Chocolate' this rapper has become even more common, going from being one hip-hop's cult icons to becoming one of it's biggest stars. The later 2000's saw two back-to-back Kanye West produced classics in the form of one of raps greatest albums 'Be', and further timeless greats on 'Finding Forever'. Now off the pages of an awesome autobiography 'One Day It'll All Make Sense' Com' releases more 'Forever Music' with 'The Dreamer, The Believer'.

This is Common's first album in three years. Some critics gave Common's last experimental album ('Universal Mind Control') the 'Electric Circus' treatment. In reality however, both these envelope pushing albums were great. Still, Common's inspirational, feel-good, spiritual rap is what fans like the best and believe that it's back in another classic album beyond your wildest dreams. Spurred by the scorching, hot, old-school to the artwork (look up the young Nas and Common single cover) Summer single 'Ghetto Dreams' this highly, hotly-anticipated, long-awaited album is big and is the legendary makings of this rap icons lasting legacy.

"Pretty with her eyes low, bunny buy a Bible/This the type that BIG said he would die for/It's type that I'd ride or stay alive for/Tatts on her back, looking all tribal/She know shoes like she know survival/Well put together, she weathers the storm/Seen her brother die so forever she strong!" Common raps with a new honed style, swagger and confidence. Nas counters with some classic rhymes of his own, spitting like his 'Nasty' days; "But I’m still single, looking for Cleopatra/African Queen, yo look at me, I’m a bachelor/Y’all in trouble, keep your girls behind closed doors/Cross your fingers, be happy I haven’t chose yours/She loves glamour bought her Vera Wang sandals/Valentino bags is my etiquette/My man is half hood, half class/Photographers, cameras caught us out there/The spotlight, I hope she can handle". This long awaited collaboration is set with chemistry and charisma. It's no wonder the two will be collaborating for a big album ('Nas.Com') that we can't wait for next year.

Still back to the now and this classic album Common begins things with 'The Dreamer' featuring the perfect prose of prolific poet Maya Angelou. It's clear to hear that Common's writing and rapping has got even better from it's already legendary status as Common get's creative rhyming; "Ferrari testers, Armani dressers/Rest assured, we getting festive in Miami now/Told ‘Ye I’m about to win the Grammys now/Getting Johnny Cash old white folks know me now/Standing close to the mic like I’m Kobe now". Common's confidence swaggers further on the clear, inspiring single 'Blue Sky', as he get's even more creative "Aston Martin king, Luther with dreams/The young Denzel the way I move through scenes/I’m like a preacher that once was a fiend/A story of change that came with wings/Pretty as the skyline, the sky is my eye line/Son of the most so from up high I shine/Suited in Prada, stay mellow like LaLa"

More Common Sense and his wonderful wordplay take his competition to school on the perfect insult 'Sweet'. then with more sickly rhymes Common strikes 'Gold', before the lyrical lament of 'Lovin' I Lost'. With iconic producer No I.D., collaborating throughout this classic, Common channels raps greats like Rakim and KRS-One. He spits fresh on 'Raw (How You Like It)', before hitting us with a big three of the opposition cloaking 'Cloth', the victorious 'Celebrate' and the opening 'Window'.

Still this album really hits it's highest note with its last one. As Common pitches for a collaboration with fellow G.O.O.D. Music great John Legend. 'The Believer', book-ends the 'The Dreamer, The Believer' album as well as 'The Dreamer' opener does. As Legend sings "They will talk about us/Like they talked about the kings before us", rap and souls best further their legacy. Of course no Common album would be complete without some of 'Pop's Belief' and of course no recent Common album wouldn't be complete without a platinum plaque and classic accreditation, which this C.D. is certain to garner along with the awards. The best hip-hop has to offer is back with one of his greatest yet. You can believe in 'H.E.R.' once again. TIM DAVID HARVEY.



Hope from the pages of Chicago.

"Being a poet is a powerful thing".-COMMON

This year this writer embarked on a trip to Chicago a decade and a half in the making. Since 11, since Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and the Chicago Bulls I've been drawn to this beautiful, classic city. Since modern music greats like R. Kelly and Kanye West changed the tides of the Windy City music scene my ear has been lent even more. Over the last decade however one man from this city of Illinois has drawn me in further...even before President Barack Obama. That man is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr.

"The First Emotion I Ever Felt Was Love".-COMMON

Otherwise known as Common. The rapper/actor has really shown us common sense, heart, love and inspiration and influence through his music and lyrics and other work. He has defined rap in the last decade with two positive moving and barrier-breaking albums (the back-to-back 'Be' and 'Finding Forever') that changed the game for the better like his groundbreaking classic 'I Used To Love H.E.R'. Even if he questioned it to begin with, without a doubt the writing of a book was always the logical and meaningful next chapter for this hip-hop spokesman. So here we have it, 'One Day It'll All Make Sense' (named after one of his breakthrough albums), a true to its name story of how everything in life comes together.

"'Be' was a great time in my life as an artist. I felt like I had risen to another level of artistry and fame".-COMMON

Common's story is really one that you want to absorb in all it's inspiration an love. It's the kind of wonderful read that will take you on a journey all day as you strive to take it all in on one, quiet Sunday, coffee shop tour of your town sitting. This book makes for the perfect Christmas present that you just want and need to come early. Legendary writer Maya Angelou is right this is a "magnificent memoir" full of marvellous memories of an amazing life. One that took part in a million man march and saw the election of the first black President. One voice of a race and generation that has seen and been a part of major change.

"What has kept me going through all the struggles I've faced in my life? The love of God. The love of family and friends. The love of hip-hop."-COMMON

As you really turn the pages this book will fill you with laughs, contagious enthusiasm and inspiration, you may also shed tears as Rash sheds light on his life and those he's lost with beauty and poignancy. From his humble beginnings in Chicago to his world-wide success, chapter by chapter of his life is told by Common and his mother Dr. Mahalia Ann Hines in inspiring italics. From feeling the effects of the brutal murder of Emmett Till to meeting another Chi-town icon while being a ball-boy for the Chicago Bulls to his success in music and movies it's all here. From his close brotherhoods with super producers Kanye West to the late, great, legendary J. Dilla (rest peacefully) to the acting advice from forefathers and icons Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman.

"Being an actor has helped me to articulate my feelings with greater clarity and precision".-COMMON

Common even gives light to the loves in his life from singer Erykah Badu to tennis ace Serena Williams as well as the places of the world that have had a profound effect on him from Cuba to China. This book also gives us some funny stories with Prince and insight into his triumph over the Fox News criticisms of his White House appearance. In this frank, honest but fair and considered memoir Rashid also shares his thoughts on his beef with West-Coast legend Ice Cube and his evaluation of his President, truthfully saying; "Whatever Obama has failed to do to satisfy certain people's political agendas has been far exceeded by what he's achieved on the level of our spirits".

"A man knows who he is and has a sense of responsibility for himself, his family, and his community. A man believes in something and stands for it. He does his best to practice what he believes".-COMMON

Each chapter (named after one of his aptly titled, iconic songs including 'Love Is' and 'Retrospect For Life') starts with a beautiful, heartfelt letter to someone in his life from his mother to Erykah, to his younger himself or his unborn son. This personal piece of writing makes for a book that is more than Common's love for 'h.e.r.' or his silver-screen dreams. It's a testimony to God, love, family and positivity, the cornerstones of his successful life. On one of his biggest hits; 'The Corner' this poetic rapper told us; "I wish I could give you this feeling". Well it looks like he finally has. A feeling of life, love, friendship, family and artistic integrity. This is a book for anybody, hip-hop head, movie buff or not, religious or spiritual, single or married with children. This is a book for anyone that believes that being good and gaining ones definition is not a tale of fiction but a story we all write for ourselves. After all that's just common sense. TIM DAVID HARVEY.

"My aim has been to inspire and raise consciousness".-COMMON


As you know the great Holly Woosey is in London this week and I (Tim David Harvey) are taking over for a little bit. I hope you enjoy what I write, even though my blogs compared to Holly's look like they're written in crayon. Still I love to write about everything from music to movies, basketball (the L.A. Lakers especially) and entertainment. I also dabble in a bit of travel. So with that let's take a guided tour to where Holly is this week. LONDON BABY!

LONDON BABY! Friends, you don't have to get in a map like Joey, or even ride the tradition of the tube to navigate round this city of London. Despite it's confusing at times/coherent at others underground network of tube lines you can really get around London and see a lot if you use your trusty two feet. So let's not be left behind as we take a step in the right direction and take a walk around Europe's England's capital city of class.

On this walking tour we'll get our Sherlock Holmes on and investigate why this city has much more culture then it's typical stereotypes. Firstly however, whether you've arrived at Heathrow Airport, Euston train station or Victoria coach station, you'll have to ride the tube at least once for experiences sake, hate it or love it (we're somewhere in the middle). Take the subway service a few stops (and maybe a few changes, depending on the route) to the core and epicentre of the big smoke and lets start our journey in Oxford Circus in this big top town from East London to Westminster.

Oxford Circus really is an extravaganza of great shops, coffee houses and restaurants. From walking up London's royal, infamous, high-end, boutique bountiful Regent Street to heading up to Marble Arch (which also makes for a great photo opportunity) by way of dominant department stores like the world famous Selfridges and its notorious, grand shop-front designs. Still let's stay on course with Regent's Street (if your wallet can take it) and pass the magnificent marble buildings that these shops inhabit. This is London, in all its traditional, epic, structural stature. As is the legendary, classic Carnaby Street, if you take a side street on your left. This pedestrian street is driven by the perfect mix of shops and independent restaurants, bars and business'.

Keep up pace and you'll end up in what should really be called the entertainment district of London, as you reach Piccadilly Circus. Sure you won't see any clowns or lions, but what you will see is a nice group of neon signs that are almost as famous as Times Square. Also a famous fountain is a fond place for tourists to sit as the Ripley's 'Believe It Or Not' museum opposite, but let's keep it moving, even past the new, great M&M store (I know you want to stop and snack, but we can get back to that).

Now you'll find yourself central in Leicester Square. Which if you circle round you'll find it covers an equilateral mix of great restaurants (like Chiquito's, Garfunkels, or the many self-owned, tasty Pizza joints) and epic cinemas. Speaking of movies this place was (until recent renovations due to be finished in 2012) and will again be the perfect place for world premieres and the best way to meet and be struck by your favourite Hollywood star. From Clint Eastwood, to DiCaprio, Depp and R-Patz, they and many more scrolls down the A-list have been and will be here, once this place re-opens next year. Except the park in the middle of this square to look even more picturesque than it already did. Plus for all your premieres you can divert to the Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, which also makes a great place to spend a few hours and pounds with all it has to offer.

Still let's forget about currency and stay current for a minute. Staying on with the squares its time you reached Trafalgar Square, and how's the nice National Gallery, Nelson's Column, beautiful fountains and royal lion architecture and a countdown clock to the Olympics for your four corners? Speaking of the Olympics, this is another reason why you should visit this city, London is hosting the Olympics in 2012 and we've been to the Olympic Park and it looks incredible and almost ready too. It's just a shame its all getting scrapped after the games as it should stand as a great memory and legacy to it's holding of the worlds best sporting stage.

Once you've taken in the vast triumph of Trafalgar you've got two choices to make as you go forward. You can head right to the magnificent, Paris feeling Mall, en route to a royal appointment with the beautiful Buckingham Palace, where her Highness resides along with those guards that don't smile or move whatever you do, but just you try. Or on your immediate left as you head forward you can pass 10 Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives and worth a visit, just don't expect to get an answer if you knock on his door) on your way to the bold and brilliant Big Ben and the historically perfect Houses of Parliament, one of the city and countries most iconic images is ready for your camera lens. As you take in all the delicate detail you have to wait around to hear it's legendary chime on the hour.

Then nearby this and 'some' protesters is Westminster Abbey, another wonderful site and the place where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married this year in front of the whole world. Worth writing home about and saying you where there. Past Big Ben however is the infamous London bridge. London's bridge falls you in perfect line with views of the terrific Thames and colossal Canary Wharf, the great Gherkin building and the developing financial district (there's even more towering towers being built right now) which is well worth affording a visit. London Bridge is not to be confused with the legendary Tower Bridge in the distance. You must bridge the gap to see this incredible landmark, but before you to take in some of the amusements and fun on the way and to gain the best perspective and view on everything why not take a look through the excellent London Eye and take the perfect vantage and look of this city on this wheel, day to night. Don't sleep on the eyes truly epic and evoking look of London.

Then you almost circle round and be back to Trafalgar and square one, this time however before getting back to Oxford Circus via the happening Tottenham Court Road you must spend an afternoon or evening in the classy Covent Garden with its quaint, vintage Europe styling. There's great places to eat, drink and relax and unimposing street entertainers bring family fun and frolics all night long to this classic, cobbled stone, ambient area. Still if you want to relax more then how about taking a walk in the park. From the glorious Green Park to the highs of Hyde Park (who's vast greatness is rivalled only by New York's Central Park) you can be at one with the nature and atmosphere of this city that really is friendly if you look in the right place. This is the place too. Especially Hyde decked out with deck chairs, bikes, fountains, bridges and interesting walks for your exploring. This walk in the park also doubles up as a great, epic venue for concerts as the Summer season rolls round the traditional 'Hard Rock Calling' has seen legendary acts like Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Bruce Springsteen grace the stage over the last few years. Now tell me you can't rock with that?

Speaking of concerts and other entertainment, London really is the ticket. Venue from the massive O2 (which even headlines some NBA games) to the bunker beauty of the Barbican Theatre and many more in places like Hammersmith and Camden (which is also home to a favourite, must-see market) have everything you need for bringing your favourite acts live. Still just like New York, the city of London is a theatre town and you can see it all from Billy Elliott to Wicked, or Thriller to Mamma Mia, in London's legendary theatres (like the Royal Court or the Old Vic) littered around the city but concentrated in Leicester Square where you can also pick up legit discounted tickets for your travel budget. Musically speaking, listen to this; from Waterloo, to Bakers Street and a couple of tube whistle stops to The Beatles famous Abbey Road you can crossover pop culture and history in just a few tube connections. Now isn't that worth a picture?

Still if you fancy something a little more ordinary with all these different things London town still has plenty more to do and offer. With great restaurants for all cultures (try the Chinese 'Yauatcha' near Carnaby Street) to the traditional British tastes of fish and chips, bangers and mash, and beef and ale pie, these pub classics are must eats. Pubs also make a great place to relax, drink and socialise, but for those less easy going, their are hip and happening bars, like the below zero 'Icebar' in Mayfair (woolly coats provided) which is real cold and cool. Then when its time to hit the dusty trail London will lead you to an endless list of hotels from the quaint and quiet stop overs to the bold, extravagant, more expensive than the flight places. Just take your pick. Still either way your guaranteed a great nights sleep in this after midnight calm city. Just make sure you set you alarm as London's calling for your next travel trip. Its time to answer, no question. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


So whilst your reading this I should be on my way to London, woop! I'm going with my mates from Uni on a kinda gallery crawl, but will probably end up into a shopping and drinking crawl haha! So I'll be away for a few days having loads of fun and when I come back I'll have lots stories to tell :)

Anyway, this was the other day when Mum and Matt went to a friends wedding. We had a little out of the blue photo shoot in the front garden and these were some of the photos. My mum looked gorgeous and I love how these pics turned out. I love how fun mum and Matt, we always have a good laugh together :)

When they left I had a little vain photo shoot of my own, don't laugh, I know you all do it too! Any way I hadn't had any photos of my new hair and I thought it looked pretty nice this day so I snapped away :) I think you have to take new photos every now and again so you don't forget what you looked like, or that's what I tell myself to make myself feel less vain :P Anyway, feeling a little embarrassed now so I'll see ya'll when I get back in few days :D


Hey there! It's a big week this week. 'The Avengers' are about to assemble in cinemas, Norah Jones is set to release a classic album on the 30th April (see below) and our beautiful blogger Holly Woosey is living it up in our capital London. So this is Tim David Harvey (you may have seen me in such things as...'previous blog posts here') signing in and babysitting this brilliant blog for a few days. Just like a texting teenager looking after somebodies kids I won't be as good as the real thing but bare with me. Let's start with a review of Norah Jones new album. IT'S A TAKEOVER!


Big Complete Love.

9 time Grammy award winner Norah Jones can expect her 10Th on her dark but delightful, decedent new disc. The greatest female singer/songwriter of our generation and one of the best in the world ever-of any gender-over the last few years has turned breakup into hard work and classic material. The artist that released the classics 'Come Away With Me', 'Feels Like Home' and 'Not Too Late' went electric in 2009 with the release of the rising 'The Fall'. Since then she has collaborated and pushed musical envelopes even further.

The lady who has recorded on wax with everyone from Willie Nelson to Andre 3000 put a duets, compilation album on record ('...Featuring') and last year provided backing vocals to key tracks off 'Dear John' co-writer Ryan Adams' latest hot album 'Ashes & Fire'. Also-if that wasn't enough work already-she's already released an album this year with her country cover outfit The Little Willies ('For The Good Times'). If that wasn't enough Norah travelled on a musical journey with Jack White to 'Rome' featuring on Danger Mouse and Daniel Luppi's album project. Now following a sensational solo album from rock leading man Jack White (the brilliant 'Blunderbuss' released last week) comes this leading ladies latest. What's more prominent producer Danger Mouse returns to the studio for more sessions with Miss Jones manning and boarding the whole album.

Danger Mouse helps expand Norah's new eclectic, genre bending style that made 'The Fall' so welcome, all whilst maximising the chemistry and sound they experimented with on classic tracks like 'Seasons Trees' off 'Rome'. Sure Danger's scoring here almost gives credit to this being a full on collaboration, but despite the influence and inspiration this is still all Norah and despite the change in style, the substance of who Jones is as a person and performer is not compromised and that's a great thing.

From the 'Sin City' style sexy and sultry artwork (actual inspired by the movie 'Mudhoney'), to the 'Mad Men' fashioned, murder mystery video for the perfect, popping single 'Happy Pills' Jones and mouse take it back to the simpler sounding, vintage, hallmark good ole days of music. If you thought the incredible Lana Del Rey took it back then you'll have to listen further to Norah on songs like 'After The Fall' (if you're talking about your last album Norah then the answer is 'yes') and the aptly titled 'Take It Back'. Her smoky, smouldering trademark vocals, verve us back to the velvet past of blues and alternative rock and soul, while her breakup inspired, deadly humorous lyrics bite sharper then the 'Gangster Nancy Sinatra' dubbed Lana. Just check 'Miriam' or the 'She's 22' for further reason to this rhyme.

Any great singer would be proud of Norah Jones latest effort. Its a straight classic. The atmosphere created from the combination of her beautifully haunting voice and Danger Mouse's bold brooding backdrop can be breathed in through the speakers. The gorgeous steamy 'Good Morning' awakens this album like the classic 'Sunrise' did 'Feels Like Home' but unlike the former hits light rise, this is a more foggy feel. Still like the great 'Say Goodbye' and the album titled follower it all sounds so much better.

Tracks like the classic verse chambers of '4 Broken Hearts' and the musical landscapes traversed on 'Travellin' On' and 'Out On The Road' help make this fifth formidable album an American classic. This well written journey like Kerouac goes deep into the heart and soul of love, life, music and lyrics and with Danger Mouse riding shotgun we can only hope these two artists travel together again on another L.P. that sounds and feels like the perfect soundtrack. Down the road this won't only be one of Norah Jones most experimental albums it'll be her best. Ending with 'All A Dream' this mid-nite hour evoking set seems just too good...and its all true too. TIM DAVID HARVEY.


Green Rider

I just finished book 23 of my 100 goal for this year. Yeh, I'm a little behind! Really need get my act together, but i'm having real trouble with it lately! I used to be able to stay up till all hours reading, usually finishing a book of in the same night that I started it, but lately I've not been able to read more than a few pages and then i'm asleep...what is wrong with me?!

Anyway I forced my self to stay awake and finish Green Rider by Kristen Britain. This actually took me ages to read. I bought it little under a year ago and I started it straight away but just couldn't get into it, so I left it a while and came back to it a few weeks ago. I pushed past the barrier that I met last time and was actually really impressed with it. It's a fantasy story that is set in times of castles, kings and long lost magic. I love these types of story because I like to think that there not really fantasy but history told in a new way and magic has just been forgotten through out the ages.The story follows Karigan, a school girl who runs away from school after being expelled and on her way home she is met by a Green Rider, from the Kings personal messenger service. He is dying and as his final act he makes her promise to carry the message to the King no matter what.

It's a really good book once you get past the beginning tediousness that most books have, Its exciting and full of daring adventure and action. I love how Britain takes you on a magical journey and her writing style is easy with out loosing any of its depth or brutality. She doesn't hold back and its nice to have a woman writer who can write a good story with out resorting to mush gushy love yuck. Don't get me wrong, I love a good chic-lit, but sometimes times just call for daring horse races through wild forests, battling mythical creatures, bloody battles and a good dose of magic.


Yeh. This happened. Right before I went to Liverpool with mum a few weeks ago, I got home from Uni and these little bundles of fluff and feathers were entertaining the family in the living room. How cute are they!?! Sarah was looking after them for the school for the night, so we didn't get to keep them, but I did entertain the idea of sneaking one into my room, there were 10 after all and I doubt they would of noticed if one had gone missing right? I completely forgot about it until I was looking through my photos and since i'm a little sparse on the posts of late I though this was a nice, lovely, cute little filler for you :)

They were absolutely adorable! They kept falling asleep randomly and if you picked one up, it would just fall asleep in you hand (excuse my horrible painty hand!) Some of them were testing out their wings and kept trying to fly away, it was so funny, their little stubby wings didn't get them very far at all. I thought it was so cute how they all huddled together to keep warm. Poor little chicks must of been so cold.

We were taking photos of them in really funny places. We put one on the remote control car, on Sarah's head, in front of dads Alien model so it looked like it was being chased. Poor things were glad when it was bed time I think. Silly humans making them look stupid for entertainment purposes :S Ones thing for sure...I definitely want some chickens now!!

Life According To Instagram

This week has been a good week. Lots of sun, smiles and hanging out with friends. Things are pretty good at the moment :)
- New 'Count Duckular T-shirt
- My vintage 'Snow White' pillowcase
- I finished my book!
- Walking in the garden in my slippers
- Cute little piggies in the sunshine
- Waiting for dad to pick me up
- One of my favourite outfits at the moment
- Healthy snacking
- Beautiful skies
- Tea from my favourite mug is the best
- Styling the new tee
- Knitting something special
- Yummy yummy dinner
- My new hair!
- The blossom is finally out
- Desk before the paint

What are/have you been up to this week?


Just Another Day

Today was a good day filled with sunshine, cherry blossom, smiles, animal kisses, laughter and a hole lot of hugs.

Just another good day!