Something New and a Warning

Not much of a warning really more of a just in case. I have a little problem with being disorganized on the internet. I like everything to be in folders and in their proper place. Which is odd if you've ever seen my bedroom or know me in real life. Anyway, I keep all my blog photos on photobucket and It's finally got to me that their not in folders and put away neatly, so I'm having a little spring clean. If any of my photo's go missing I apologize   and I do intend to replace them as I go. Yes. That's how much it's bugging me. I'm going through my entire blog and re-uploading pictures just so the photos go in the right folders....chronic I know!

On a less mental note, you may have noticed my new button ------> It's a link to my new blog for all my art stuff. I'm not sure what I plan on doing after Uni but I thought I'd better make some sort of internet place for it all (folders again!!) so if I have any interest at my degree show, or someone just happens to stumble across it, they have somewhere to stumble into. It's not done yet, and I need to take some proper photos of my work, but it's there just so you know that it's in progress! It's quite exciting really, I feel all professional and grown up  :S Some one get me a colouring book and crayons fast!

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