Years Go By...

As I warned you, you'll be seeing very little of me as my degree show looms ever closer. But how could I not show my face to tell you that it's my Blogiversary tomorrow! So look out for some cool things tomorrow!

This week has been work work work and I love it! I love my project and I love being in the studio getting messy and getting paint everywhere. Yesterday I took a trip to Liverpool with my friend and we went round all the art galleries. It was a really nice day and it broke up the week a little bit.
This week has been awful for photo taking (slaps wrist) I missed two days of the February Photo A Day and I haven't been taking any Instafakefriday photos either!! Gaaah. Oh well. Were all allowed an off week here or there, right?

Tomorrow I have one of my bestest friends coming over for a girly night. Films, pizza and a much needed catch up, I can't wait! Tonight is drawing/painting and watching a movie I think...maybe a hot chocolate too :)
The picture above isn't anything. I just thought it was so cute!! 

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  1. Happy blogiversary! :) and good luck with everything coming your way - I'm sure it'll all go well!


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