Studio Time: I Need You! Second Call..

Ever since I posted this post, I've had an amazing response from the Internet world. It's amazing how many people are willing to help someone in need. I know its not a massive like 'save-the-world' need but its still pretty cool.

Saying that I still need loads more submissions so pretty please with a cherry on top, I would appreciate your submissions. To re-cap what I'm doing just read this post. Also something I didn't explain in that post was what I will be doing with them. Basically I will be cataloguing all the phobias I collect in a book and picking some at random to paint/draw. They will be my interpretation, so even if you phobia is something 'odd' or 'specific' the end result might not necessarily look anything like what the original submission was...If that makes any sense?

If you feel comfortable enough to take part I would be forever great full. Here's how to submit:
Think of your 'real' phobia, and you can either write down your phobia with a little story on why and how. You can draw a picture, take a photo, make a collage with a description or you can make a video of your phobia explaining what it is or a short film of your depiction of it. 
  • Visit my tumblr Holly Woosey Art and submit your story, picture or video 
  • Send me and email and littlelolly90@hotmail.co.uk with your story, picture or video
  • Send me a letter to: Flat 53B, IQKopa, 130 Moor Lane, Preston, PR1 1LR with your story or picture
You can enter as many times as you like, as I realise many people have more than one phobia, just make sure each one is entered separately.

I have about 10 so far but I need loads more so pretty please, tell your friends, family, cats and dogs, it only takes a minuet and, again, its completely anonymous. 

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