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Yesterday I got some books I ordered of Amazon last week. I've been wanting to get them for ages and couldnt wait for them to arrive. I ordered Vintage Tea Party and Juxtapoz: Dark Arts.

The Juxtapoz: Dark Arts is for my Uni project. As my chosen subject is phobias I thought this would be suitably full of dark and frightening artists to research, and I was right. There are some seriously freaky things going on in those pages. I all ready have the Juxtapoz: Illustration 1 & 2 books and I get the magazine monthly. I just love the low brow illustrative styles that they promote! Maybe one day my work will be in there!? (In my dreams!)

The Vintage Tea Party book is amazing!! I saw it before Christmas but I didn't want to get it until I could have a peek inside to see if it was the sort of thing I was after. In York I spotted it in a shop window and pretty much ran into the shop have a gander. I didn't buy it though (much to the disappointment of the sales guy who was trying his best get a sale, poor fella) as I knew I could get pretty much half price on Amazon. So sorry Mr Sales Guy, I'm a poor student. I hope you understand.
It is full of really cute vintage style recipes and some cool tips on make up style and how to do victory rolls and things like that. There are also some sweet DIY decorating tips that I have to try! I cant wait for summer to arrive so I can host a Vintage Tea Party in the garden. I'm thinking birthday tea with the girls in the summer?!

And here's the super cool fabric that I snagged! there vintage curtains and my plans are to make a skirt or dress with them because they are so fun and just my colours!

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