My Top 7 Artists

Here is the second post in my Blog Birthday post lineup! Its for the Art part and it's by your's truly. I had planned on getting Cameron from Cameron Plus Whitney but he's been having a little trouble with various things, so I think you should go over anyway and show him some love, I think he would appreciate it right now.
So this is my Top 7 Artists. Don't ask why 7. I just had to pick a number and that's what I got :) So here me are...

ALEX PARDEE - He is my Hero. My inspiration and I love him haha! I have been mesmerized by his work since I was in college, all those years ago. Everything I do (in art) pretty much revolves around him now. I love the colours he uses. There so bright and vibrant but his work is so dark and twisted, and I just love how he can combine the two so effectively. I have waited ages to get one of his art books and I finally got my wish at Christmas. I love having some of his work in my hands that I can look at and always get inspiration from. My dream is to get a piece of art for my house. Maybe when I get my own house that can be my house warming present to myself :) I love this guy so much that I cant even think of anything to say! So yeh, brilliant, amazing, fantastic!

DEREK HESS - he is another weathered love. Again I stumbled across him in college and always go back to him. Between him and Pardee my art has taken on a crazy mix of the two. I love his minimalist colour and how he combines ink and pen. His figures are so powerful and so full of emotion, I only wish that I could achieve that in my work. He is a brilliant artists and one day I will have a print of his too! (might need to start my own gallery!)

CAMILLA D'ERRICO - She is a fairly new artist to me but I really her work. When I was looking at animal/human relationship's she was one artist that I kept coming back to and researching more. I love the bright colours and the 'fluffy' quality that her paintings take on. Her little girls and animals have a beautiful relationship and I find it interesting the positions and poses that she chooses to draw them in. I actually have some prints of hers, so that's a big bonus for loving her work, I get to look at it all the time and even though it makes you feel a little uneasy, its beautiful on compelling.

AUDREY KAWASAKI - I love this girl so much that my I based my thigh tattoo on her work. I love anime and manga but not enough to call it 'art'. Kawasaki combines anime and fine art/illustration beautifully and allows me to love them both at the same time. Her girls whilst looks beautifully innocent have an underlying seductive essence and this is what I love. I'm quite a shy person in real life, but I love Pin Up girls and Burlesque, so I have that innocent exterior with an underlying edge. This makes me sound like a secret sex tiger or something hahaha!! I'm really not, I just relate to her art in the fact that there is something underneath that I don't show to the world. I love that she works on wood, something I have tried and loved, and uses minimum colour and mostly line drawings. Beautiful.

RICHEY BECKETT - Anyone with the last name Beckett is a win for me (if you watch Stargate: Atlantis you'l know what I mean) but seriously, this guy is awesome. Again, a fairly new find, but his art helped me so much in my last project. His style was exactly what I was looking for and is my other go to style. I love to draw technical but with a little bit of an edge, and Beckett's work just spoke volumes for me. I love his style and his subject matter is so dark its grotesquely beautiful. He uses animals and skulls a lot in his work, which suits me just fine.

CAMILLE GARCIA - I did a whole presentation on her in my second year. I love her sight. She has such a beautiful twisted imagination it amazing! Her illustrative style is what I dream of doing but can never get right. I envy her talent so much. I love that every piece/collection comes with its own little back story. You can really engage with her work and feel apart of it. I love that her colours clash, but in a good way, and she herself is jut pretty darn cool. I would love to meet her or go to a show. She is wonderful.

JEFF SOTO - I remember finding Soto years ago and thinking that his work was rubbish (sorry!) But I recently came across him again and thought he was brilliant! Just goes to show that tastes can change. I suppose I like him because he reminds me a little of Pardee. I love the colours he uses and the way, even thought its not, his work has a symmetrical feel to it. I'm a bit of a dipper when it comes to even-ness in art. Somedays I want it completely out of whack and others it has to be perfect. Soto has that nice balance between neat and crazy. He creatures and so cool and freaky. He is definitely a keeper.

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