Just A Great Day

So today was awesome! Not for any one reason, but you know when you just get back home and you think, yeah, that was a good day. Coffee and friends just make me happy, and watching one of my favourite film of all time! I also bought some things that I have been wanting for aaages so feeling pretty good right about now!

Last year I got really into knitting but then I lost my needles. Bummer! Today I finally bought some new ones but, I'VE FORGOTTEN HOW TO KNIT! Such an idiot, so I'm just trawling Youtube to find the video that I learnt off last time. Can't wait to sit and watch TV and knit again. I'm such a grandma! I also ordered a dress pattern. I've wanted one for so long as I've always wanted to make my own dresses. Its a real simple but really cute looking dress and I cant wait to try it out! The haberdashery in my town, where I get all my craft/sewing things, has a like a bargain shelf, and it is just chocked full of goodies. My fav bit is the £1 pattern shelf!! It's full of old, but perfectly fine, patterns and I just love to look and see what gems I can find. Today I found this really cute teddy bear pattern and some fabric to make it out of!! Cant wait to get my sew on!

Hope you had a great Saturday too! I'm off to make a brew and watch some movies till stupid o'clock! Much love

p.s Oh. And check out the new buttons! I finally got round to making them and it wasn't as hard as I thought it was! Gonna grab the buttons of a few of my fav bloggers to stick on my sidebar cause I gotta share some love...

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